Basketball player's eye "pops out" during game


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Supposedly this is something that happened to Raul Julia a few times – Angelica Huston claims it happened once at a bar while shooting The Addams Family.


Eyeball disaster stories are one of the easiest ways to make others recoil in horror. It literally can make bodies tremble.

A neighbor described an eye injury she incurred while quickly shuffling paper. A piece of paper flipped up and ran across her eye, basically slicing it into a flap that wouldn’t heal. She described how, after multiple failures at healing, doctors were forced to use a small nail clipper like tool to remove the flap. It finally healed.

In retelling the story, I learned almost everybody has a horror story involving eyes. Hopefully I can learn a few more from y’all.


I had someone wave a piece of paper at my face years ago, and the edge of the paper ran right across my eye. Luckily, I was wearing old-school hard contact lenses, so it did no harm. Horribly freaky experience to feel the edge of that paper slide right across the surface of the eye, though.


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Took too literally the whole keep your eye on the ball thing.


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Because I rarely cringe, its easy for me to enjoy telling eyeball crisis stories. A small power I have in this world…

On that note…

My grandfather was a printer. I believe he was forcing a screwdriver into a printing machine to unjam something and it slipped and lodged into his left eye.

My four year old son went to give my wife a hug and scraped across her the eye with a fingernail, tearing her cornea. She was literally destroyed by a hug.

A contractor of mine told me about a hunting trip in the woods where a branch whipped back into his face and tore across his eye tearing the cornea.


And with that, you have just identified yourself as a bonafide ScrollPast; thanks!


I first saw Kim Goodman on David Letterman many years ago (perhaps a stupid human trick).

He intro’d her by saying (paraphrasing): Ladies and Gentleman, you are about to witness something, the image of which will haunt you until the day you die.

He was right.

(so far, at least.)


I’m sure you are a nice, decent person, but your tale, along with the original post is disgusting.

I’m not so much for trigger warning sentiment, but all of this should have loud sirens and blinking lights warning of the horrific content.


Okay…so if I happened to enjoy basketball, yes I would be the guy saying, “Wow! Cool!” and forever forfeiting any future dates with the woman I was with.

On to my eyeball story…

At the grandparents’ home in Kentucky, running around the house in footed pajamas, slipped on the silky nylon sleeping bag I would have slept in that night and fell eye-first on the corner of the fireplace hearth (I can still see out of it - the eye).
I didn’t have a black eye. I had a black, swollen, quadrant of my face. As it so happened, my uncle-in-law who lost his eye (and a lot of skin) when shot down over Vietnam, was visiting too. You don’t know the fear of a child when an eyeless man offers him his eyepatch to use.