Batman No. 1 sells for $2.22 million

It’s a buyers market, especially on eternal cyber monday.

Banks and insurances are buying art and normally are kept in vaults. They do it as a reserve of value, but sometimes they put them in exhibitions, like this

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As far as the money goes, it’s really just a matter of scale. If you’re a billionaire this is like buying the Sunday paper. Maybe Elon bought it.

It’s strange, isn’t it? That we can talk about “the before times” and everybody understands what that means… but it’s just as obvious that we haven’t yet entered, “the after times”. I shudder to think how long this event is going to take before it stops happening.

I think at this point the before times and after times will be pre-Trump and post-Trump.


Yeah, art’s been completely commoditized now - people/organizations even buy shares in artwork that’s kept in climate-controlled storage, never seen by human beings. (Because of a lack of controls, it’s also big with money launderers.)

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