Record-breaking bid for Steve Ditko's Amazing Fantasy #15, Spiderman's first appearance

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Though I will never pay millions for a first issue of anything, it’s an issue I loved and have reprints of. Lot of nostalgia there for me since Spider-man was my favorite hero as a child and remains up there on the list even today.


I think more of my comic book money went into Richie Rich. But then pretty much all of that was lost years ago when my basement flooded.

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I could see that price tag if it included Ditko’s original artboards for the issue or something but damn.

I wonder how many copies of this comic still exist?


Heritage Auctions is a scam.

The people who own it are buying and flipping books and video games and other rare collectables, hyping up the prices, getting news stories about record sales, sitting on things for a few years, and then hyping up their sale for another record sale. They are creating artificial bubbles among “investors”. Rarely “collectors”.

The guy who is part of Heritage Auctions is responsible for the coin bubble in the 1980s.

This video explains it, mostly from the collectable retro gaming side (which is even scammier, as they work 1:1 with a grader that doesn’t release census data), but it applies to all their stuff.

The question is - how many copies of this comic exist - AT THIS GRADE. And the answer to that is 4. So far. From this grader.

CGC does do a census of all their books and you can look it up if you sign in, but it looks like this 3rd party site taps into that data.

No doubt - this is a rare book. The price has been inflated by speculators hoping to flip it for more in 5 years.


So that’s why the series is called “The Amazing Spiderman”, instead of something like "Ultimate Spiderman. or “Analog Spiderman” Neat.

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I never understood the part of Spider-Man’s costume where it looks like he has really hairy armpits. Did nobody make that connection for a while?

I was just about to post this video but you wrote a much better explainer than I would have!


Less “hairy”, more “haven’t been dusted in years”. Ewwwww.

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