Spider-Man’s first appearance in comic book sells for $454,100

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Now I can read my Spider-Man comic while listening to my one of a kind Wu-Tang Clan record as I bathe in the blood of the innocent. Ha, ha, ha…


How does someone decide to stop at $454,100. Did it go $454,000, then $454,100, and then ,sorry, I can’t do $454,200.

I realize it probably is a number from a currency conversion, or a add to sale price for a commission charge, but at those prices what makes someone drop out.

Well smart people at auctions have a set limit. They don’t get goaded into a bidding war. They set a price limit. I am guessing the 2nd place bidder had a 450,000 limit, and the auctioneer went to $451,000, the winner bid, and the 2nd place let him go. Yes, he could have afforded the extra $2000 to make it $452,000, but what are the odds you would win or not? I mean any any auction, any next bid isn’t that much more. But having that mentality is how you walk away paying too much.

Hot tip, when your wife asks you what your stopping point is, don’t use finger gesture to show $2000, or the auctioneer may take that as a bid and you end up with limited lever action you didn’t really plan on buying at a price you didn’t want to pay. Or so says my dad…


Yeah. . . but if everybody thinks that way, the auction would never end. Who can afford a million dollars, but not a million and one? Or a billion, but not a billion and one. . . and so on.

Mathematical indiction will destroy us all if we’re not careful!

The people with a billion in the bank but not a billion and one.

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