The original cover art for The Amazing Spider-Man #100 has a high bid of $190,000

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Sure it’s amazing, but is it $190,000 amazing? (no)

Does some comic nerd want to explain why Kingpin appears to be on there twice? Did he have a one-eyed clone or a robot duplicate that just smoked its cigarettes at a slightly different angle?

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A few weird things:

  • You’ll notice there’s a big, empty swipe running from the lower-left corner slightly up ant to the right.
  • A helmet (original Beetle armor?) appears twice right next together.
  • The lower-right Kingpin has 1 eye, a shiny helmet, and a stylized eye on his collar.

Why? all the same reason:

They knew a big text banner was going to be there somewhere. They just needed enough to appear behind it. The second Kingpin was actually turned into the visible part of Mysterio.


Man when I started collecting, not even the highest conditioned samples of Action #1 went for this much. I shoulda spent all my comic money on old stuff.

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Kingpin requests that he be moved from his current position. He doesn’t like the view.

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