BBC picks greatest films of the 21st century

An amazing display of poise and self-control.

I love the little glance from her co-anchor, checking in and yeah I guess we are just going to ignore the chicken.

If the critics all watched it while on psychedelics, then it’s absolutely deserving of its place.

If they were sober, then yeah…

Well, that’s not reductive at all! Only 26% of the critics included were female, so it couldn’t possibly be just all those silly women.


Mulholland Drive? Seriously? This was the result of a hatchet job done on a tv series pilot? This article is a fail!!!

This wasn’t supposed to be a reply… >_<;

I fear this portal much more.


I really liked “Tree of Life”, but my wife insists it is just a big pile of pretentiousness. When we saw it in the theatre, most of those there had come by bus from one of those luxury retirement communities, and they were totally confused by the film.

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In many ways, the feminist movement is more about/by men than women.



Also, no Satoshi Kon? His films are fantastic and beautiful (not to mention that wonderful and weird series, Paranoia Agent)… If I had to pick a director of anime after Miyazaki to be on that list, he’d be it.


That contrast is kind of the point, right? A person being depressed/“lost” in a depressing location would just be depressing. I’m assuming neither you or your wife has suffered from clinical depression and therefore can’t have a connection with the movie. On the other hand, I deeply understood the vibe and loved the movie before Bill even gets out of the taxi.

Just goes to show that art appreciation is mostly relative to the viewer, and reviews are mostly useless to everyone else.

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Must we?


I’m not a scholar on the subject, but would feminism even need to exist if men didn’t exist? Kind of a chicken and egg thing.

Personally, I have felt pressure to label myself as a feminist as I watch other men be patted on the back for declaring themselves a feminist. A popular movement can absolutely drive up the appreciation of anything vaguely associated with the movement, regardless of whether the appreciation is warranted on any other level.

It’s about women’s equality… but what do I know.

I honestly don’t care if you call yourself a feminist, just don’t be a dick! :wink:


Your assessment is incorrect. My wife is a therapist, (LCSW) and I’ve certainly had depression issues. We both found her an unsympathetic, and uninteresting, character. There’s been plenty of movies with depressed protagonists that I liked. Sideways for example. Or even Sunset Blvd.

Sorry Mindysan, call em as I see em.

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So why call her a bimbo? Instead of an unsympathetic and uninteresting character (which is certainly a fair assessment and POV about the character)? I don’t care if you like or dislike the movie, I just wish you wouldn’t use gendered language to describe what you dislike.


Did I say something dickish?

Not at all! I was just making a general (and jokey) comment about whether or not you call yourself a feminist. I don’t really care if people are on board with being labeled a feminist, I care more about their actions in the world. Someone may not consider themselves a feminist, but they might also treat women as equals and with respect…

So yeah… I didn’t mean to imply you were dickish, just trying to jokingly quote Wil Wheaton… Apparently I failed… Sorry.


Well, you did put the smiley… I think it’s a good example of the difficulties communicating like this. Have a good one Mindysan!

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Any particular title you recommend?