BBC picks greatest films of the 21st century

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot kicking human balls- forever.


That is the greatest. I hope it’s in the gif bank…?


Boyhood at #5? That one just didn’t work for me. Just because you filmed your generic coming of age film over a long period of time doesn’t make it better (but I’m sure I’m wrong about how great it is and I just missed something). From 2014 I much preferred Birdman, which I see isn’t on the list anywhere…

Holy Motors at 16? If you think Mulholland Drive is confusing…(ditto Uncle Boonmee). I’d bump Synecdoche, New York way up.

Moulin Rouge I wouldn’t have on this list anywhere. Or AI. Maybe I should try that again…

Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel ahead of The Royal Tenenbaums? Nope. I’d put The Life Aquatic ahead of both of those, too.

EDIT: I screwed up a bit there.


You want a list of the top 100 films of the entire 21st century?

Please, share it with us.

My understanding is that things go pretty wrong once certain portals have been opened.


Finding Nemo was about an over-protective over-controlling parent that alienated everybody in his social circle. No wonder his kid ran away from home.

The sequel, curiously, was a Pixar version of a cliffhanger serial - moving from one perilous set-piece to another, with a thin-tissue of a plot to connect them. Enjoyable. But not even up to Cars 2 standards.


It’s underpants perverts all the way down.

Hey! Why wasn’t Super on here?

There’s no Eastwood on this list at all? Surely there’s room for one of Letters from Iwo Jima, Million Dollar Baby or Gran Torino, if you can have Zero Dark Thirty and all those Pixar films on this list.


Count me in the dislike column. It was fun while it lasted, then left me with nothing. The head bad guy and his lair was corny and improbable, and the strong female lead is once again being saved by a dude. Most of the movie I felt like I was simply waiting for the bad guy to die- no twists, no character empathy, just a long chase scene.

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Explicitly addressed in paragraph five of the article.


Not even sure why Budapest is on here, Anderson was cementing his one note storyline and aesthetic and wasn’t pushing any boundaries. Life Aquatic already has a cult following reminiscent of a classic, and they ignored it. Comedy is always a tough sell with “serious” movie critics I guess.


I question the need to pick the greatest films of the 21st century, seems like its just a way to protect the opinions of the old guard and sell more movies to the newer generations.

If only Hamlet2, Dodge ball and Machete were on that list, I might not feel the need to question its existence.



I’ve seen 55 of these.

The others should at least provide a good starting point for films to look for
(either that, or I’ll work through Edgar Wright’s Top 1000(!) films).

But ugh, all that Haneke. Funny Games and The Piano Teacher were enough for me, I suspect.


I’m surprised Taxidermia was not on the list:


Funny you should bring that one up. I’ve had it from Netflix for a week or so and may watch it tonight.

Hmm, methinks you gave up too soon. I found both Code Unknown and Cache better than those two. (And probably The White Ribbon, though I’d need to see that again to be sure.)


In the Mood for Love is so beautiful, I was legitimately surprised it wasn’t already considered a classic.


Oh, I had almost repressed all memory of that one. It’s creepier, more disturbing, and weirder than almost anything I have ever seen. There’s no denying that it’s compelling, but it took me weeks to get some of the images out of my head. I’m baffled how the filmmakers got the financing, and who exactly they thought would be the market for it. Perhaps I’m better off not knowing the answers?

The Wrestler is not in the top 100. Invalid.


The real political message of Mad Max: Fury Road was a repudiation of the car culture (birthed from American/Australian expansionism) at the center of the all the prequels. Instead of using the car as a means of escape to the mythical frontier, they realize they have to make their current home a better place.


awful presumptuous of them. i mean, it’s only 2016.