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[size=30] DoN’t [/size] [size=20] yoU [/size] [size=40] dARe[/size] [size=10] evEn [/size] [size=35] THinK [/size] [size=25] aBoUT [/size] [size=18] puLLiNg [/size] [size=40] tHE [/size] [size=10] bbcODE [/size] [size=15] fOR [/size] [size=32] sIZe [/size] [size=40] ! [/size]


I am all for fun, but pinning this is a bit much (why does everyone need to learn about all ninja options when they hit #meta category?). Also not our call this would be up @beschizza


Well I’ll do it myself then, or at least till @beschizza gives me a solid response on pinning or not pinning this.

EDIT: How about that for a workaround :wink:? Topic :round_pushpin: pinned :round_pushpin:!


I gotta say, that response from CH seems unnecessarily hostile to forum members trying to just make the forum formatting specific to BB better documented, using their own time and effort. The response of “Hulk Smash Formatting Choice!!!” seems a bit over the top. On the other hand, I still remember the horror that was MySpace, where users had a bit too much control over how to tastelessly decorate their pages and I agree that the ill considered use of multiple font sizes is a potential way to douche up the place. Even so, removing the option in its entirely, when its use in the forum has been so benign that CH didn’t even consider it until now, seems a bit of an over reaction.

CH, if you want to get rid of a useless formatting choice, get rid of the stupid divider rule. Those went out with GeoCities :smile:


So, since this thread is to compile BB/Discourse specific formatting methods, is there a way (on my mac running Firefox) to paste text into the post composition window without having Discourse add awkward hard returns after every line? I’m really not getting why Discourse does this - no other commenting system I’ve used does this and I have no idea if it is supposed to be a feature (how could it be?) or a bug.


That’s a PITA… The workaround is to paste into a text editor first and copy it again.


This is a site setting, our default is to add hard returns, cause if you do not, newbies get MEGA confused.

ι кєєρ нιттιηg єηтєя вυт ιт ∂ση’т ωσяк؟

Maybe, one day we could make this a user pref, people that are into soft returns are pretty religious about wanting then. It gets a bit weird as a user pref, cause then when someone goes to edit your stuff they need to be across this rule.

Also, what is the repro here? Are you simply expecting returns to be soft as the original markdown spec has?


Did you mean to reply to me? Also, I really like that fancy font! What is it? Just something copied and pasted into the BBS?

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Typed text:
Well, it isn’t really a blockquote issue - that’s just where I happen to note the effect since when I paste text it is usually into a block quote. My issue is how to stop Discourse from putting in hard line returns when I paste text. It doesn’t reflow properly when the text window is scaled, unlike text that is typed.

I’m still not getting why the automatic hard returns are a benefit for pasted text but not typed text.

Pasted Text:
Pellentesque id sodales augue. Cras vel nisi dictum nunc porta molestie
ut in leo. Vivamus dapibus tortor velit, nec luctus libero malesuada
vitae. Nam sit amet enim lectus. Etiam ac ornare turpis, eget tincidunt
orci. Phasellus tincidunt mollis vehicula. Sed non consectetur nunc.

(Those are not the original line wraps, either, but ones imposed by Discourse. I can delete the returns manually, but I’m not getting why they are there in the first place…)


Oops yeah meant to reply to @skeptic but was fat fingered

The font is a Unicode font, cut and paste job, terrible for search


@brainspore saw this coming!

Although even he didn’t understand the full implications concerning a desire to not use all of the capabilities of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!


Woah, woah, this is not the thread to let people know you can do that. Next thing you know that will be pulled from the release… :anguished:


Here is a question, how do you make it so images or gifs that are hidden with [spoiler] don’t link to the image when you click to reveal it?


Don’t do that!

Just use the paragraphs!


Ahhhh I see, copy paste the image in instead of just dropping the link in and everything works :smile:! That’s why this is set up as a wiki, there is still so much I don’t really comprehend about how the BBS functions, that and the fact that I have run out of edits for the next 12 hours.


I guess we could community bank our available edits and make the comments we want edited wikis then trust regulars to edit our comments for us when we’ve run out?

Or is that an unforeseen and disruptive use of the bbs too?

Gawd. What’s @OtherMichael gonna do now?


Derp, that’s exactly what I did about 3 hours ago. I wish I could say it was because I foresaw running out of edits… but it wasn’t.


Those fonts, with their fancy kernings and glyphs are just asking for it.





I like monospaced type. Column alignment and all that. It’s safe, predictable.

###Follows the rules.