BBS Votes 2016 - The Big Decision


#It's time. We're down to the wire. There can be only one winner.
The stakes have never been higher. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to vote.
  • The Anticipation of a New Lover’s Arrival
  • Whatever ends up being inside @beschizza’s safe
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Petanque-Boule-Wielding French Anarchist
  • A talented, reliable mechanic that doesn’t overcharge
  • Chuck Tingle
  • Cultural Marxism
  • The Brothers Sanders
  • Full Communism
  • Catshark on a roomba chasing a duckling
  • Princess Pricklepants
  • @beschizza’s safe
  • A palpable sense of disappointment
  • Totoro

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Hedgehog art Though the Ages

The poll needs a “Giant Meteor” option.


What? Giant Meteor didn’t make the list? I’d be happy to be sent up there to nudge one this way.


About what I thought. Honestly, the duckling is what makes it.

And anyway, I’m my own reliable mechanic. And I charge in cheeseburgers.


Giant Meteor failed to make the cut, coming in 5th place, just behind Hillary Clinton. Any allegations of vote-rigging can be directed towards Big Petanque, where your complaints will be examined and battered repeatedly with a steel ball.


How did you know I play Petanque?


I just figured that was a cochonnet in your pocket.

  • Thanks, Obama
  • Late Stage Capitalism.

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PPP for the win!


Run the Jewels didn’t make the list either… I am disappoint.


Why does almost nobody want President Tingle?
Could he at least be PPP’s speechwriter?

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