Be a dapper zapper with the ZapCane


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I plan on having a cane just to smack young kids upside the head and say ‘that is to remind you that life is cruel and unfair, now get out of my way’


Grandma is going to love this. I worry for the dog.


Grandpa broke his hip when he shocked his foot again.


How about a “medicinal” cane?

Evil Knievel’s cane:
“The walking stick served purposes both structural and pharmaceutical, each a necessity for a man for whom serious injury was the cost of doing business. While medical science was skilled in reassembling the jigsaw puzzle of Knievel’s skeleton after his bone-jarring crashes, pain was a constant companion of the famed daredevil. When not needed for support, the top of the stick could be unscrewed to reveal a hollow interior just large enough for liquor-laden glass flasks to help douse the flames of Knievel’s angry nerve endings, or to steady them before the next jump.”


Yeah, I mean, I get the shop-window appeal of something like this, but how often are you going to use it? And that’s not even getting into the reliability issues that multifunction devices have.

No thanks. For personal defense, I’ll stick to my good old-fashioned laser monocle and poison spats.


I have been considering THAT cane, or the Doc Holliday repli-cane.


There’s got to be some way to electrify a whole lawn.


I use a cane if I know I am going to stand more than 30 min. I am sure I look like a dork at industrial concerts. I got one at a garage sale for a buck. Maybe I should at least paint it black.

Though I still want a sword cane. There is a guy in South America making some nice custom ones.


Only if you dress like ‘Ham’ Brooks.


Challenge Accepted!


And a nuclear pocket watch with garrote chain!


The use of ‘MM’ to indicate one million seems jarringly obscure, or incorrect.


Hey, a way to defend yourself with a cane without breaking bones or crushing skulls. Neat. As it is, a cane is a weapon with which one should not fuck.


How about one that glows?



check the legality of sword canes before purchasing one. The are not legal at all in California and are considered a concealed weapon in most US jurisdictions making using one in public without a permit a crime. Essentially modern laws make them wall hangers as in most localities it is equal to carrying a hand gun and some localities may refuse issuance of a permit.


If the situation is so bad I’m using one in public I won’t be too worried about it being a crime. :stuck_out_tongue:


I understand the sentiment, but in the eyes of the law the simple act of carrying sword cane would be equivalent to carrying a concealed firearm without a permit and could equate to real jail time.


They won’t be legal in Canada.


Also the zap cane may also be restricted in your area, laws on stun devices especially those with a reach (batons, tasers) vary greatly. In most jurisdictions this would likely be considered a stun baton legally. Also the aspect of this openly being a self defence item opens the gate to it simply being considered a club with questionable legality where a cane doesn’t claim self defense giving the bearer plausible deniability.