Be AWARE - Crazy Sh–t trump voters believe

I took yet another voluntary deep dive down an Instatgram thread of conservative memes, and its astonishing how hateful, vindictive, and deluded this mob is. They will believe anything they are fed that vilifies Democrats of left of extreme right politics.

Know and be aware - have realistic expectations.


Here is a typical spoonful of hate for Obama and Biden:

but this is actually mild as far as delusional beliefs.

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Here is one with the thinly veiled suggestion that we should get rid of congress and just have king trump

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said the guy voting for a wannabe authoritarian:

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I somewhat agree with this one, but not for the reason they think


this is part of the vilification of BLM, protests, and the characterization of this movement as “anarchists, rioters, and looters”

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take a deep dive - know what the USA is up against.


I first thought that that was Chang from Community


he looks like Benny Hill in that one.

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