Bear is asked to leave party; bear complies, but gets in one swipe on the way out

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(Old news for BoingBoing) /s


No biggie, some of us probably missed it amidst the 300 or so BB posts since then. Or forgot it, and will enjoy seeing this bear again. :person_shrugging:


Lovely seeing the bear. The human, not so much. :smile::+1:


Sometimes, yes. But in my historic Southern California neighborhood we’re crawling with bears and we’re one of the very few places in North America that was not historically a habitat for black bears. They were first introduced to the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains in 1933 to fill the biological niche previously occupied by grizzlies decades earlier. It’s no exaggeration to say that my 1907 house was here for a full quarter century before any black bears were known to have been anywhere near the area.

That said, it’s mostly worked out great. We don’t mind the bears here and encounters leading to serious harm to either bears or humans in my area are very rare.


Soon they will fight back.

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This is the historical range of black bears in North America:

There was never a time in recorded history when humans weren’t encroaching on bear habitats. :person_shrugging:


Today I learned that bears do not like Nevada.


Ironically, this headline could be about the animal or a burly gay man.

Um, that is a very dark twix ad


They avoid most areas of Nevada (as do humans) but there are some cool cinnamon-colored ones that live around Lake Tahoe.

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You say brave. I say moronic.

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