Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" reenacted with librarians


I cannot explain quite why, but this really made my day.


So how long until congress sends an inquiry asking if any taxpayer money went into this?

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That’s just wonderful. And, it’s a great way to finish up with the Internet before I turn it off for the weekend. Thanks!

I remember all the commercials for Sabotage. It looked like a really great TV show. But I could never figure out what night it was on.


This is what I imagine it would be like if I tried to borrow anything by Chaucer, Rabelais, or Balzac.

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“But…but all I did was flip through it and put it right back on the shelf!”

“I don’t CARE! You touch a book, it goes on the reshelving cart, those are the rules! Now I’m gonna let you go with a warning this time, but if I see you in front of my circulation desk again, I’m gonna I-L-L your semi-literate punk ass to County!”


I was gonna say… this was the best thing I’ve seen all day. :smiley:

That was excellent.

I recently graduated from the Google Teacher Academy in Chicago (July 13) one of my fellow graduates was Martin Moran a teacher at that school who plays the bad guy in the blond wig trying to escape. Videos like this make fill me with hope for what we can still do in a school setting. His twitter account is: @martinmoran21

My weekend is made.

Yeah, that’s my school. Faculty and students do videos on different topics every year. Here are some more from this year:
Macklemore+Progressive Education:
Book of Mormon+School Fundraising (for our new field):

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i spy a crimethinc poster!

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