Beautiful commercial captures the experience of dream flying

  1. They make flying look exhausting
  2. I have marveled for decades how different people share dream commonalities such as this one. Has anyone studied it?
  3. Yes, this is one of my most common dreams. Only for me the eventual lifting off the ground instead of slowly falling back down is a very bad thing. At least in my dreams.
  4. Yes, killer commercial
  5. Art has always serviced commerce, and always will. Artists need to eat (and evidently buy $800 jackets). Don’t #successshame

And sometimes that is the point, especially evident in those brands wishing to appear luxury, create conversation pieces and develop from there.

Burberry have successfully overcome some history which still dogs others (chav wear of choice), and are now coping with more recent design failures like the hoodie with a noose.

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My flying dreams are rubbish. I can fly, but it’s really difficult, and no one gives a shit that I can do it. Bit like life, really.


I have that exact dream (less the ocean part) with some regularity. It’s always great fun to glide down the street!


The Lascaux cave paintings served commerce?

“Things have always been this way and always will” is the laziest non-argument for capitalism possible.

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For all we know they might have been visual aids to a motivational seminar held to improve the yield from hunting.


As funny as that image is - cave paintings as powerpoint, with a bearded Tony Robbins holding a torch- it isn’t supported by the evidence.

The point that you’re avoiding is a simple one: art and commerce are NOT the same thing, and art can and has been created and seen outside of a commercial context.

The Lascaux cave paintings served commerce?

Of course they did. Depending on which theory you most agree with, the “client” was either their god(s) or spirits and the currency was bison, horses, etc., or the client was the tribe and the currency was social. Granted, the former was done on spec.

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art and commerce are NOT the same thing

Not the same thing, in fact I don’t think anyone was claiming that. The commerce comes from the exchange of art for value, being it $$, acclaim, or even just quiet self-satisfaction. Even joy can be purchased with the right art.

art can and has been created and seen outside of a commercial context

I’d love some examples.

Jarringly at odds.
I still fly pretty regularly in my dreams, and this depiction is way off my experience now as well. The tumbling around bit doesn’t fit with any of my lived or dreamed experiences.

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Don’t you want to go to Valinor?


You’re stretching the concept of commerce well beyond the modern definition, i.e.
“the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale.”

Art can exist inside commerce, but also obviously exists outside of buying and selling it. Any piece of art that is not bought or sold exists outside of commerce. And so your assertion:

is nonsense. Both in the sense I just explained, and in the historical sense, since large scale buying and selling, i.e. capitalism, has not always existed.

Conflating social value or “quiet self-satisfaction” with buying and selling is ignorant and ethically bankrupt. I urge you to try to think clearly about this.

Stop moving the target. I enjoy a good appeal to definition as much as anyone, but insisting art made 17,000 years ago be only judged by modern rules of capitalism is absurd.

Commerce is now and was even before the word existed the trade of something for value. Any insistence on it now including money or mass production is your baggage to carry.

Commerce is really just the collective noun for transactions. That one side or the other of a transaction be tangible or even involving different people is a false premise. If you’ve ever hit the snooze button because you’ll skip a shower, or run a little further so you can have pizza, you’ve conducted commerce with yourself. So it is no leap at all that trading time and effort sculpting/composing/writing/etc. for endorphins or other warm fuzzies (or quieting the inner demons, your call) is yet another act of commerce. As is trading that same time and effort for money, likes, shelter, sex, or $800 sweaters.



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