Video: Skydiver drops his Go-Pro


Wow, pretty amazing advertising for GoPro. They need to buy this and turn it into a 3-minute ad, as-is.

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This is a candidate for video stabilization of some sort.



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“Oh my god, it’s full of sta…” [whump]

Actually did anyone else see the center morphing back and forth between pentagons and swastikas? Maybe some artifact of Youtube compression.


And while they’re at it, try to synch it with the Beatles - A Day in the Life. With just a second or two of editing the jump video, it works kinda well. If the guys from the jump had any extra footage to work with …

I thought it was going to be the one where it landed in a pig pen.

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“It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

Nah, rudders. Cameras these days need more rudders.


Seems like a legit genre by now. I like pig pen’s absurdist ending better.


It’s morel likely some artifact of agricultural boundaries spinning around.

I imagine that’s what it looks like when you really fuck up your wormhole coordinates.


Skydiver here.

I don’t want to say “you could see that collision coming”, because only a skydiver would anticipate it… but having been in a few dozen freefall collisions, I -could- see it coming.

(Unless you play rugby or other full-contact, non-padded sports), you can’t guess how much it hurts to have a person (or their helmet, shoe, knee, elbow, or other hard bit) collide with you. This is one of the reasons we wear helmets, and invest in automatic opening devices. Getting dazed or knocked unconscious in freefall is a very scary thing.

Glad someone found the camera, and I hope the camera flyer wasn’t injured.


I feel dizzy.

I know next to nothing about skydiving. But it looks like no-shoes-man needs a bit more practice before he tries doing these kinds of things.

As if I needed more evidence that pigs will try to eat pretty much anything

Well, we’ll pretty much eat all of them. It’s only fair they return the favour.

I thought that was a Wizard of Oz joke, but there really is such a video!

Thank God you said that. I was beginning to think that I’m subconsciously a Nazi.