Beautiful photo: Tree "oasis" in a farmer's field


A lovely entry in Smithsonian’s ongoing 2013 Photo Contest, Emma Stephenson’s “Perfect Tree in a Farmer’s Field” photographed in the North Yorkshire countryside, England. READ THE REST


IDK why, but I like to think that tree was planted on someone’s grave.


Kudos to whoever decided to keep the tree.


They used to leave a tree as a marker for property lines or when multiple farmers were on the same large piece of open ground. With GPS I doubt they do this anymore. I was told in the old days it also provided a shaded spot to eat lunch in the middle of the work day.


Check out this bird pic on the site!

That’s incredible!


Totally looks like an Audubon painting. Amazing. Thanks for pointing it out.


Looks like the crystalline entity is a picky eater…

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