Beautiful short film celebrates the full LGBTQAlphabet


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Not surprised to see no mention of asexuality in this.


They’ve even got A in the acronym right at the beginning. They use “A” in the video to stand for “ally”. Missed opportunity in an otherwise awesome vid. (But also would have dug seeing folk who don’t have a “dancer’s body” groove to the tunes and tell their stories).


To be fair, it’s hard to get excited about asexuality. It’s just something that should be accepted way more than it is.

I have a weird relationship with allies, and even the concept of allies. I mean, it’s good that their hearts are in the right place, but I don’t really trust them. And if they want their Ally Cookies for being a minimally decent human being, I know I shouldn’t trust them.

Exactly this.


I just recently talked to a friend about how I dislike the term “ally”. Allyship is a practice of constant learning, not an identity to make the “ally” feel better about themselves.

From Mia McKenzie over at blackgirldangerous:


Not only is asexuality not mentioned but every other category in their alphabet is sexualized more than gendered. There is also a focus on power more than identity, at least it seems to me.


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