Beautiful video of the giant redwood trees of Northern California


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Boooring! They just stand there all majestic, like…
Can’t we replace them with some sort of Imagineered singing redwoods?


Needs more drones.


No Ewoks? That sucks!


My backyard.


This is literally in my backyard. I live in Eureka, I work in Arcata…30 minute drive from the National Park. We get tens of thousands of visitors per year to see the Redwoods. I just want to take a second to share some info about Humboldt County, where this was shot. The only official California Welcome Center is in Arcata. I work there, giving information on the local area to visitors and residents…our CWC is going to be shut down in 60 days due to lack of funding. If our CWC goes, there will be no official welcome center from the southern border of Oregon to Santa Rosa (one hour north of San Francisco), and from the coast to inland around Yreka (north) and Redding (south). That is a HUGE swath of California.
I try and persuade folks to stay an extra day, try our fab local cuisine and see all the magnificent natural sites we have. We are the home of Humboldt State University (go Jacks!), and home to more artists, musicians, makers and hackers than you can believe.
Rant over, come visit the Redwoods!


Honestly, I have nothing against nature. It’s very impressive and is popular with many people, but the last couple of seasons have had too much sex and violence and this one seems to be getting a lot darker.


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