Beautiful yet scary road bridge coils over the Atlantic Sea

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It’s a gorgeous road. Absolutely something you should do if you have the opportunity. I’ve driven it a couple of times. This post makes no sense. It’s not scary.


Dunno about that, it doesn’t even look like a proper storm there. I’d say that road closes often enough with the amount of storms coming in off the Atlantic these days.


I was surprised just how short this section of road is in real life - but it’s not like Norway is short of extraordinary scenery and some of the best roads you could dream of using. It’s clear where the oil money has gone - even the smallest towns are linked by the best infrastructure money can buy.

Lovely country.


It obviously is quite dangerous though. Those maniacs are all driving on the wrong side!


I guess Americans are scared of bridges because they don’t maintain theirs, and they keep falling down.


Absolute north 10% of the country, would not want to join maintenance crew seasonal or not? Good news tho, you have nonarable land for all 42 PV panels you need to recharge your EV (once they make like, -lighter- 19% efficient solar cells commercially and yet have a way to stake them on the rocks.)

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That’s just showing off, Norway. These other bridges over the Atlantic are much less impressive:

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Looks like the Faroes have been putting all their efforts into really cool tunnels:

Not that Norway is any slouch when it comes to tunnelling; Lærdalstunnelen between Oslo and Bergen isn’t just over 24km long, it has three rest areas where you can stop deep under a mountain!


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