Beauty pageant chaos: husband goes ballistic, smashes winner's crown on the floor

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This guy is a violent asshole and I hope he gets sentenced for his crime, but beauty pageants are patriarchal garbage and should die in a hot fire.


Does “Miss Gay Mato Grosso” mean gay as in LGBTQ gay? In which case would it truly be patriarchal garbage? Or some other form of garbage?

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Agreed. Beauty Pageants didn’t specifically cause this, I’m sure there’s a list of reasons that can and possibly do set him off. But beauty pageants are weird at best, and downright creepy once you get into teen and especially child pageants.


Huh, competitions that have one winner and a host of losers don’t bring out the best in people? Why, I never would have expected that.


I don’t give a shit. If gay men get involved or not nothing fundamentally changes. Every beauty pageant rises out of the same cesspit and accomplishes nothing except the enforcement of what ultimately is a patriarchal value system. You can’t ironically celebrate women’s oppression without also unironically celebrating it after all.

So no… I think it doesn’t matter at all. Lipstick on a pig and all that.


I presume that sounds a bit more salacious than @frauenfelder meant it to. Maybe, “The violent assault was captured on camera and will be used in evidence against the assailant.”


Are you under the delusion that homophobia is not somehow related to patriarchal social structures that hurt women?


Yeah because if there’s one thing gay men know a lot about it’s… How the lives of straight women work. I learned that from Sex and the City!

And when you get out of the cis gay misogyny arenas then there’s terfism to deal with from the cis women.

These groups are too big to be natural allies… People have to really try and that’s why it’s hard.


Absolutely. I’m also arguing that homophobia is a direct byproduct of the patriarchy, too, as is transphobia, etc… This is why we absolutely all must work together against this stuff.


I see it that way also. You believe in the value system itself or you do not, or at least that’s how I look at it. If a thing functions to reinforce that value system then that’s what it does, that’s its purpose.

If one enjoys it then that is an aspect of patriarchy that one enjoys.

My experiences with patriarchy have left me unable to enjoy such things for better or worse. Though I can’t say I miss them. Most people don’t enjoy homophobia that much really. But lots of them love beauty pageants. Who doesn’t like to see pretty people?

Pageants and homophobia both function to establish an order where straight men>gay men>people who exist for the use and pleasure of the former groups with some exceptions made for unpopular races or whomever else may find themselves vulnerable and thus excluded. Of course some people look at that and think “well I can probably benefit a lot from straight men though…”


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Wait - was that Kanye again?

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