Miss Texas had some choice words about Trump at Miss America pageant


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I’m guessing she can find Iraq on a map


Margana Wood (white) righteously and clearly disses Trump to an audience of millions and to a cheering pageant audience.

Cara Mund (black) wins the pageant witnessed by an audience of millions and to a cheering pageant audience.

Trump. That’s what we call “both barrels”! Margan & Cara… BOTH ARE WINNERS!


My daughter just competed in the Miss Teen RI pageant. She was one of 27 young ladies, and made the initial cut to the top 12 finalists. She won Miss Congeniality (Amity). But was cut out at the top 5 cut off.

I can;t say I am looking forward to her doing this again, which she has said she really wants to.


Nazis/KKK/racists/rightwingnutters: we hate jews! we hate blacks! we hate browns, yellers, libtards, gays and RINOs! we want to kill you or deport you or genocide you!

Sane folk: not without a fight

Fox’news’/tRump: see there is violence on both sides! very fine people believe me, very fine


Good for her.


Surprisingly candid from a beauty queen, especially from Texas. We normally think of these pageant girls as bubbleheads, so this is refreshing.
It might not help her future with the Miss America people, but I’m proud that it happened.


Yes, but Rhode Island! Representing! :slight_smile:


Apparently not just another pretty face.


So, we are the point that a miss somewhere has better judgment of the POTUS, who seems more interested in beauty contests than the wellbeing of the Country


We are at the point where criticizing Nazis openly is surprising and noteworthy. This is terrifying.


Agreed. And what’s even more terrifying is that we now HAVE to openly criticize Nazis.


There was a kid in my highschool (late 90s) who wore a “No Nazis” patch (swaskita in the no-smoking circle :no_entry_sign:) on his jean jacket and I always would laugh when I saw it, making the glib joke to my friends “haha, at least we know where that guy stands on Nazis!” The fact that I could go through my young life thinking that nazis were a relic of the past in Maine of all places is a sign of just how underground nazis had learned to be (well, and a fat slab of allowance for how out of it I was as a kid…). Although I do remember a super gritty kid in middle school throwing up a heil hitler at a holocaust presentation, at the time I assumed it was just a dumb kid trying to get attention. Having encountered Mainers drunker, higher and looser-lipped later on in life, I learned better…


Also: the governor.


So Miss Texas, would you consider running for our Governorship?


I saw a few of these near my house this spring. They appear to be the update to the “Nazi free zone” graffitti that long decorated a local utility box in the 90’s and early 2000’s,

I like my neighbourhood.


Ha I was totally that kid :grin:



I didn’t have an anti nazi patch, but my high school bag was covered in hand-drawn anarchist and GLBT liberation slogans and symbols. :slight_smile:


Speaking of which, there’s a sentiment that I’ve seen recurring in a lot of radical media lately: when you can’t rely on the authorities, you need to rely on each other.

It’s important that folks get to know the people around them, and know who they can turn to for mutual support. If your immediate neighbours are sketchy, reach out further. Find support before you need it.

There’s a bit in a Beltaine’s Fire song that makes the point fairly clearly: