Become a ruthless, noble lady in this 'Renaissance revenge simulator'

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If anyone remembers HBO’s / BBC2’s Rome, Atia of the Julii vs Servilia of the Junii were pretty hostile to one another. Examples…

Pre-Renaissance, but in BBC’s “I, Claudius”, there’s a joke about the ruthless and scheming Livia.

Apparently she was bitten by a snake. It died.


Ruthless, noble lady or a ruthless noble lady?

I might have a look at this later, although my ruthless noble lady revenge simulator of choice is Crusader Kings 2.

This is a very well done change of pace. I just finished the first two endings, but how do you get the third? Rhetoricking your trial gets you acquitted and established as a power in the kingdom that the Prince cannot unseat; either of the two trial by combat options get you the Pirate Justitia ending; failing to kill all the princelings gets you married but it doesn’t unlock the third ending. This thread will probably be closed by the time you read this so PM me, thanks!

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