Before and After Mexico: a Bruce Sterling story about the eco-pocalypse

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Amazing fiction, although I can’t ever buy the idea of everybody simply forgetting everything.

Wait until you’re older and such forgetfulness won’t see implausible. :wink:


Thanks, Cory. I always love Bruce’s stories. Did he write this in Spanish or English?

Right, the Brown governorship in CA is certainly viewable as such a lapse. You could find the threads of a redemption story, ask on Quora why people stopped hating things in the '90s, but among other high officials near 8balls, you might need some fireproof foaming urethane insulation and 20 winches on heavy trucks to make it stick together; or alternately whatever else was used.

In other news, it’s tagged ‘Ciencia Ficcion’ but comes across as short-form English despite your ears’ tendency to pronounce Sterling’s things as nuance and overtones from a 60Hz power substation. It’s unthinkable that meat was used to make it, just as it’s unthinkable that people who read maintain gardens with fossil fuels or to travel under 130 miles.

Really? Trevor Brown’s the Governor? Whoa.


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