Before battling Jaws, Roy Scheider drank Folgers


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She needs to push his head down just a liiiiiiiittle harder.


Sanka coffee crystals on ice cream were what our grandmother gave us for a treat when we stayed the weekend. Sometimes with a splash of coca-cola.


You’re gonna need a bigger cup!


Oh my, I had forgotten this evil once roamed the earth freely. I haven’t seen it in years, but i bet it is still out there.


Are these crystals like the menthol tingle in Denorex dandruff shampoo that doesn’t actually do anything beneficial?


Sounds not horrific. However the combination of dairy and caffeine would keep me jittery and on the commode.


I love that feeling. Its like my brain is being dissolved by my shampoo.


I like the color on his servant’s dress!


We’re going to need a bigger mug!


What’s warm and brown and very dangerous?
A shark infested cup of coffee.


The ending makes me wonder when the travel mug became a thing.

I guess this would have to be some time after cup holders in cars became a thing.


Wasn’t Sanka the official coffee of the Titanic? :smirk:

I just happened to see a packet of that … stuff when I was at a hotel In NYC the other week. couldn’t resist snagging a packet to marvel at.



Try some Stella D’Oro instant espresso, it makes your kids cheerful!


Sanka was/is caffeine free so it would kid safe for a ice cream topping.




Maybe for some values of ‘safe’. Who knows what’s actually in the retched stuff?


I didn’t know that cocaine also came in brown.


even more amazing, that commercial is 60 seconds long.