Befuddled Trump claims to be leading Obama in the polls

Ah, that explains why the Lt Gov of Texas, Dan Patrick, was ranting about how the REAL campaign was against the Obamas because of a Deep State conspiracy that plans to out Biden and put Michelle Obama on the ballot instead. He was trying to cover for Idiot Prime.


People should remind Trump of his roasting at Obama’s hands every-chance-they-get. How much is it to rent a jumbo-tron?


Technically true I guess, since nobody is polling for Obama he comes up with zero on every poll.

But then technically Trump is outpolling warts, Hawaiian pizza and Sammy Hagar too.


I’ve never seen that before. He doesn’t look like he can take a joke. Ha.

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He was impeached two times while president and it didn’t make any difference.

I mean the original constitution didn’t say anything about term limits.


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