Marjorie Taylor Greene confuses Biden with Obama, and it's more than just delusional — as in racist (video)

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Says one of dRumpf’s many puppets.


as in racist

And ageist. As in “everyone knows that Biden himself is too senile and feeble to run the country.”


Man, though. Could you imagine if Biden was secretly taking orders from Obama, another member of the same party who had a similar political agenda? That would sure change…something, maybe.




hmm… “OK let’s all behave as senile dementia cases so that our-fearless-leader won’t look so much like a senile dementia case.” nahh… that’s violates even the vile maga version of Occam


He will live rent free in their heads forever. Good grief.


I’m going to start wearing my mask all the time again.

“A world lapsing into imbecility…true horror!” —New York Times

It’s more than just delusional…

…it’s transparent. What could possibly be worse than the country run by a demented old Trump-hating white commie liberal? A Scary Black Man running the country through a demented old Trump-hating white commie liberal! In a sense Trump’s confusing Biden with Obama isn’t delusional at all. He and the GOP have been running against the Scary Black Man nonstop since at least 2008. Ain’t racism wonderful?


She’s just referring to Obama’s recent visit to the WH and his fund raising efforts for Biden.

We all know who her shadow president is.

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I would pay money to see the following take place in an upcoming Presidential debate for the upcoming general election (assuming that Biden and Trump are the finalists).

(Trump enters the stage, and take his place at the podium. No sign of Biden.)

( 2 minutes after the start of the debate. Obama enters the stage, standing between the podiums, looking confused.)

(5 minutes after the start of the debate. Biden enters the stage, stylistically late.)

Obama (to Biden): “Whew, glad you came when you did, he was start to give me the creeps.”

Biden (to Obama): “Thanks for being here…”

(Obama exits the stage.)

(Biden takes his place at the podium.)

(Debate begins.)

I am sure that Trump would lose it, if he sees Obama on stage with him.


Corollary to the “There’s always a relevant XKCD” rule: “There’s always a relevant Magic: the Gathering card”?


GOP accuses Democratic ex-president of being the head of his own party: Subterfuge! Attack on democracy! Puppet governance!

Ex GOP president is head of his own party, and has even scuttled Republican bills in congress, appoints his own relative to head the GOP on paper, and doesn’t even bother to go to debates… “everything is perfect here in maga land, we love our leader, nothing is wrong at all”


Yeah, it seems strange to describe this as delusional. I can buy that Trump gets legit confused about who he’s running against (and for what office, and on what planet), but MTG isn’t confused about who currently holds the office of President. She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed by any means, but I think in this case, she’s just going with basic, racism-based conspiracy theorizing to play to the basic, racism-based conspiracy theorizing MAGA base.


Obviously she’s not confusing them - she’s trying to provide unconvincing cover for Trump because he confuses them, and bringing back the specter of the Black president to keep the racists riled up.


As an interesting (?!?) aside, there was one news clip that lives rent free in my head back from the Obama v. Romney election. (I wish I knew where to find it, but I don’t really want to use these particular search terms, as you’ll see.) When doing the usual on camera interviews of people leaving the polls, a journalist asked a rough-looking character if he would mind saying who he voted for. He said, “Well, I had a choice between a n----- and a Mormon, so I voted for the n-----.”

The hate in the U.S. (and the world in general) is a varied and bountiful thing.


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