Behold! This gorgeous desktop version of our solar system MUST be yours

The Mercury glass is only 0.084 ounces. Easy peasy. Onto Venus: 1.3 ounces even. Not too bad. Earth is 1.5 ounces. These are getting harder and harder. Thankfully Mars is only 0.43 ounces.

Jupiter is 14.6 gallons. That shit will fuck you up.


*[Sun not included.]

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It’s a very narrow market segment: Geeky enough to want rocks representing the solar system on their desk, but not geeky enough to care about what “representing” actually means. Probably a null set.


If there is one phrasing in advertising that ensures that I will never buy a product, it’s telling me that I “must” have it. It’s a guaranteed hackle-raiser. You will pardon me if I decline to take marching orders from a huckster.


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