Beloved sports coach ignored sexual abuse of children


“This man was treated so badly. This guy was Penn State and he built this place and how could they do this to him?”

Translation: “It’s okay that a well-respected person in a position of authority intentionally, knowingly turned a blind eye to the horrors committed by someone under him on young, vulnerable kids who actually put effort into notifying someone of the behavior in order to get relief and protection, because…well, he sportsed real good. At least I wasn’t one of those kids who has to live with the memories…”

This dudebro even applies the apathy/denial of rape culture even when it isn’t just sorority girls getting date-raped, so…equality ftw?


Definitely raze the football program. PSU has to demonstrate that like any real university, it doesn’t actually need a football program. If it can’t demonstrate that, then yes, raze PSU and plow salt into the quadrangle.


Graham Spanier’s legal issues are ongoing. This absolutely needs to stay in the news.


Well, you know, just being a Clinton. Whitewater was probably sexual assault. Benghazi too. And I hear she killed Vince Foster.


Agreed, I’m saying that even if he dropped millions into the facilities, that money isn’t worth actively keeping a rapist in good supply of victims.

And of course the utterly diseased community that loved the rapist and his handlers just wants us to shut up about it.


I think Penn State’s accreditation should have been yanked, but that’s just me.


Isn’t it fucking insane that this is at all a “controversial” position to hold?


Break in, steal the statue, make a video of it being melted down. Send video to asshole football players and alumni with a caption of “Just doing what he did to those victims by ignoring them”.


I was going to suggest something like this:

And restore the library’s proper name, Pattee Library!

It’s not fair to punish the entire university because many students, faculty, and staff loathed the primacy of the football program ten to twenty years ago…


Just melt it to a child’s size, weld it back to the base and dub it “Paterno’s legacy”.


That works just as well.


I don’t think that anyone here is holding your average student or unaffiliated faculty complicit. Just the die-hards eager to get over their “embarassment” and back to legacy-building.


I’ll happily turn in my atheist card if it means an eternity in the pits of hell for the both of them.


Why all the shock? Nothing is more important than football.


IAAL and whenever you have a case where the Joe Does number in the hundreds, you are pretty safe in believing there is some serious bad shit going on.


COLLEGE football, the most holy of holies.


Sandusky is appealing his conviction. IANAL and I have no idea what his chances are but the final chapter has yet to be written.

Furthermore, the more Paterno is disgraced, even posthumously, the greater the likelihood that future abuse won’t be swept under the rug. This serves as an example: Covering up abuse is being an accessory to abuse, and this is what happens to accessories to abuse.

Paterno still has die-hard supporters in Pennsylvania but the rest of the country thinks of this when they hear his name, not his win record or bowl trophies. He’s reviled.


Sure… but what do their respective genders have to do with anything?


Except for the people still living with the abuse. Except for the people trying to explain it away. Except for the people trying to appeal convictions. It’s not over.


Jeez, I knew I’d catch flack for that. Lighten up, will you? Quit turning over rocks. My point was that you would think women might be just a little bit more sensitive to the matter of sexual abuse, yet they rioted just the same.