Minnesota Vikings' coach: "We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows."


“…island, and then nuke it until it glows.”
When there is a concerted effort to direct hate toward a group, this is the result you get. This is about getting votes by mind-fucking a population with hate.


The coach is angry because of all those confusing feelings he gets in the locker room.


I suspect what he is really after is gay super-mutants who can do with him as they will.


I, for one, am actually thrilled that the Vikings coach said this.

Between rampant thuggery, a pervasive stink of homophobia, shitty labor relations, massive corporate subsidies and welfare for billionaire owners, and the woeful taint of repeatedly concussed discarded former players, I can’t wait for the NFL to completely disappear.

Expose the NFL as the sewer it is and then get rid of it.


I can’t be bothered to research heavily into this, since this douche’s comments rank in my brain-google search ranking at near 1,500,000, but amused myself by google-wondering how homosexuality was viewed by the Vikings.

Seems they didn’t much mind one way or the other, just expected you to get on with helping make sure the village / township carried on functioning.

Homosexuality was not regarded by the Viking peoples as being evil, perverted, innately against the laws of nature or any of the other baggage about the concept that Christian belief has provided Western culture.

And this from a Jesuit website. http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/pwh/gayvik.asp. It doesn’t necessarily reflect the broad consensus, being catholic and all, but there you go - it’s the first result I happened on. Like I say - can’t be bothered, hope this chap gets his comeuppence.

Has this guy even thought about how big an island he’d need? He’ll need a fortune to get hold of that kind of land.


Yep, let’s face it. Vikings coach Mike Priefer is obviously a conservative, self-loathing, homophobic, closeted homosexual.

We should round up all the bigots, send them to an island, and then forget where that island is.


“NFL Coaches are caring and nurturing to a fault,” said no one, ever.


Seems to me the best revenge is for the gay community to become Vikings super fans, and crowd every game. Even I will admit, the color purple is fabulous.


I guess the encouraging part would be that Kluwe seemed to feel comfortable with his teammates given his activism; that probably would not have been the case just a few years ago.

Now, whether Kluwe was cut because of his outspoken nature or not is hard to say. In 2012, he was a below-average punter who kicked half the time in a dome, which usually boosts a punter’s stats. His replacement this year (Jeff Locke, a rookie) doesn’t seem to have been any better, but Kluwe was scheduled to make ~$1.5M this year and Locke will probably make a third of that. $1.5M is a lot to pay a punter; my Patriots cut their (better) punter this summer and replaced him with a rookie to save about the same money.

Going to be hard to prove there was more motivation to his release than that.


Former NFL star and Super Bowl champ Brendon Ayanbadejo spoke with TMZ yesterday and said that former punter Chris Kluwe is “100 percent right” in his claims that he was fired for his gay activism, saying that given his record, stats, and skills there is no way that Kluwe should have been cut for any other reason.
– Towleroad, http://www.towleroad.com/2014/01/brendonkluwe.html


Part of Kluwe’s text mentions that he was asked to kick higher and shorter, due to his ability to outkick the (shoddy) coverage. That’s going to be difficult to prove one way or the other, but would explain numbers. (And the Vikings coverage a few years back was shoddy.)

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massive corporate subsidies and welfare for billionaire owners

Very true…

… The DeVos family, not unlike old feudal Europe, married into another billionaire family, the Prince family. And Dick DeVos’s son married a gentleman by the name of Edgar Prince’s daughter Betsy. Betsy’s brother -— we see where this is going — Erik Prince, the owner and founder of Blackwater. Dick DeVos is also one of the ultimate funders and underwriters of that right-wing edge of the evangelical movement and of the Republican Party. And he’s also getting a $480 million publicly funded stadium right now. And through his donations to the Republican Party, of course, Erik Prince has gotten hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts for Blackwater. …

source: http://www.democracynow.org/2010/7/30/dave_zirin_on_bad_sports_how


His net numbers (which should reflect easier kick coverage) were still pretty mediocre, and they got similar production for ~$1M less, though. He’s never really been a GREAT punter, not bad but not someone that would be worth overpaying for.

Keep in mind that the NFL’s hard cap means that player salaries are basically a zero-sum game; paying the punter an “extra” $1M means you’ve got $1M less to spend on other players (which, if the Vikings were smart, they’d pay for a new QB).

or nuke it until it glows. i HATE those people. they are so unlike me.


For a lovely co-opting of a similar hateful idea, here’s Trevor Anderson’s short humorous film:


Bigot Battle Royale!

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The Vikings are dumb- they spent more on that on a replacement QB they benched.

I’m not going to say that Kluwe is the best punter on the planet- but he’s probably in the top half of the top 32. On a pure talent basis, I think he’d earn a job somewhere. I think the PR is the reason he hasn’t netted a replacement job (tough to prove) and the recent article guarantees he’s not seeing work again- but he knew that going into it.

I LIKE Chris Kluwe, but the fact is, the numbers show he’s not in the top 16 or 20. If you look at his AV’s from Pro Football Reference, he’s at a 2 in his final season. His replacement had a longer “long” for the season, and we have to assume is getting told to kick the same level of coverage kicks as Kluwe, but kicked the same distance. Kluwe wasn’t making the minimum. He was making $5 million per year, to be a mediocre , middle of the road punter.

(SI, http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/0807/nfl.average.salaries.by.position/content.10.html)

That’s part one. A lot of the “geeks” of the world don’t follow sports. That’s fine, but I am a geek who does follow sports. I like Chris Kluwe, as a gay man, I think he has done a lot for us.

BUT, he’s not a $5 million dollar punter.

Part two, I don’t like how the fact that the coach is attributed to this quote in the headline. We don’t know what that coach said, and we do know there were other witnesses and NOT ONE OF THEM SAID A THING YET. Only Chris Kluwe. And he only waited until after it was certain that he wasn’t going to play in the NFL again.

No owner knew about it, no head coach, no GM, no reporters, nobody.

I’d like to wait until the Vikings investigation comes out and hear what it says before we really take that quote as gospel.