Penn State to honor Joe Paterno, coach who covered up decades of child rape


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I have no words…

All because of fucking football…


They’re football games. I just want to remind everyone that the legacy people are so eager to hold sacred is one earned because he was good at a literal game.


Sure, he covered up all those rapes, but on the other hand without that the team could have lost. If anything, the man’s an even greater hero, for allowing all those young men to take the hit for the team. As Joe Paterno once said, “You can’t make an omelet without covering up some rapes.”.


I’ve been meaning to read this book about how problematic our national obession with sports has been:


I’ll just leave this right here for those who aren’t aware of it:

tl;dr - Hate crime murder in a small town that ever wanted to let slide because it would ruin their chance to “go to state!!!”. Available on Netflix.


We often turn a blind eye or make excuses or some how convince ourselves it isn’t true when it comes to beloved members of the community. Michael Jackson comes to mind for me and who I am guilty of not wanting to believe.

ETA - heck even when we KNOW they did something bad.


Thanks, but I already know that it will make me want to burn the world if I watch it.

The only time I watch sports is if I’m there in person. Outside of that, I don’t really care who my home team is or who is the current sports star for the nation.


“Shenandoah”, as in the valley of the same name.

Video doesn’t work for me (in Northeast US):

NYTimes story:

As has been said by other, better people, “Major league sports” are the bread and circus of our time.


They’re going with a new statue.


We’ll see whether any of the players and the people attending have enough balls to sit down on their hands (or boycott).

/ these people are the ones preparing the future, eh.


After the conviction, Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce faced scrutiny for continuing to select Johnson during his bail, particularly following allegations that the club had seen documents in May 2015 suggesting that Johnson acknowledged his guilt

Sam Allardyce is now the manager of the England football team.


it later emerged he knew of Sandusky’s activities since the 1970s.

That’s called an “accessory” to the crimes, completely culpable to the most blinded eyes.


Real Americans don’t care about kids getting raped, or kids getting killed on the field. Real Americans care about winning.


Just waiting for the ‘Bad Idea Jeans’ logo to appear…


Well hey to be fair he also worked hard and did some good things i guess! Oh and he loved his mother!


Is that because you aren’t supposed to count them?


Oh fer the love of… Sigh. When the scandal was all over the news a friend of mine was worried about the the poor football team and how it would affect the season. I just don’t understa…!!! Arrgh!


But he stood for the national anthem, dammit!


in what is a controversial choice

Apropos of nothing, where the hell did this stupid “what is”/“what was” construction come from in the last few years? I think it’s supposed to sound ponderous and dramatic, but it mostly just sounds like a pompous idiot, like Americans saying “an historic occasion.”