For fans of beer honoring a sex-abuse enabler, this one's for you

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“A beer for letting yourself unsee what can’t be unseen and for letting your buddies do…whatever they want, no matter what it is.”


They must be trying to get in on that lucrative “beer for sex criminals” niche market that Bud Light was marketing to earlier this year.


Turn A Blind IPA


I need a chaser.


Check out the movie, Happy Valley, on Netflix (no, not the depressing British TV miniseries). It’s a documentary about the Paterno scandal, and it’s very interesting. I think you can come away feeling perhaps a little differently from what the media put out there. He reported the abuse (which he heard about, not saw directly) to his superiors at the University, and they didn’t report it. Even worse, everything you can find out about the situation basically points to an official cover-up, not specific blame of Paterno. Hell, even Sandusky’s own adopted child denied any abuse had happened, up until the prosecution finally persuaded him to testify against his father.

Not all black & white, folks.


If you have ever lived somewhere where college football is king, you totally get how there is a market for this, even if he is the most awful human being in the world. After all, he won a lot of football games.


Check out the report, by former FBI director Louis Freeh. I think you can come away feeling perhaps a little differently.


Well then, if he reported the abuse to the University, I guess his conscience is clean. I can’t imagine anybody else he could possibly have reported it to in order to make the abuse stop.


I’m pretty much on board with this. You report cheating to the university, and crime to the police.

It can be a little muddy on a University that has a campus police department with real law enforcement capability that falls under the chancellor’s umbrella. In cases like that, a low level employee may feel that reporting to university administration is the same as reporting to real authorities. Also in a case like that, reporting to campus police is still subject to potential interference from university administration.

All that equivocation aside, I’m pretty sure Paterno reported to know one. He was a force unto himself. Even if he was correct to report to university administration, he was in a position to see the result. In this case, the result was nothing. And so he should then have gone outside the university.


Absolutely. He was so powerful that if he had so much as hinted to PSU that they should call the cops it would have ended.


Doubly agreed. Anyone who has followed college football, even as a part-time fan of the sport, knows the power these coaches hold. They are likely the highest-paid people on campus, they have influence through practically every level of the administration, and they’re usually, but not always, revered by the students and (as the NCAA would say) the ‘student athletes’. If Paterno had properly exercised his authority, Sandusky would’ve been booted off campus and/or arrested the same day.
Besides, I wonder what Latrobe is paying his son to make this happen.

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It’s just intellectual hygiene that compels me to comment that “removing ‘no’ from your [own] vocabulary” doesn’t have anything to do with sex crime. Clearly, in the context of the “up for whatever” campaign, this is talking about the socially lubricating effects of alcohol, voluntarily consumed.

But, hey, enjoy your fake indignation.

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Righteous Wrath. Pretty addictive feeling, for many. Apparently more enjoyable than beer for some.


Thanks for that. As a Flori-duh-ian, I’m all too aware of head coach salaries, as well as the trials and tribulations of the “student athletes” and the associated sports programs. I worked in academia for the better part of ten years and I can attest, sadly, to the relative pay scales of sports people versus teachers and scientists.

But hey! Bread and circus! Fucken Flori-duh Gay-tors are gonna get smashed by the Semi-Holes this year amirite?

We are the boys from old Florida F-L-O-R-I-D-A Where the girls are the fairest, The boys are the squarest Of any old state down our way

We are all strong for old Florida
Down where the old Gators play
In all kinds of weather
We’ll all stick together
for F-L-O-R-I-D-A

For all you see and don’t do, this Paterno’s for you!



Obviously the words weren’t intended it as a call out to go enjoying an evening of sexual assault, drunk driving, vandalism, etc. But those are things that can accompany drinking, where “No” is really an incredibly important word in your vocabulary. It was a staggeringly stupid thing to put on a beer bottle label, regardless of their intent, since the words effectively said, “enjoy behaving irresponsibly while drinking” regardless of their intent.


I sickens me how quickly my friends and family that are Nittany Lions have forgotten the molested players and are back to trying to rename University Park to Paternoville, PA.


It’s interesting to contrast all that football-worship with how much prestige is bestowed upon people who are doing the work that those universities were supposedly created for. At UC Berkeley the reward for winning a Nobel Prize is a free on-campus parking permit.