Beloved Virginia farm takes heat for standing up against white supremacy


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The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes

Always knew I loved Cox…


If I’m ever in Centerville, VA, I know where I’ll do all my shopping.


Cox are the best!


Centerville! It’s a real nice place to raise your kiiiiids uuuupppp!


If it wasn’t so far, I’d go there just to support their business.


Wonderful people, wonderful place - they were boycotted a few years ago when a BLM sign was visible in one of the resident’s windows. I had the honor and delight of being a hayride driver there in 2001, and incorporated the lessons learned about magic and wampeters into my novel “Trashed Forsaken,” which includes a slightly mythologized tale of the genesis of Cox Farms.


Yep, District 10, Barbara Comstock (R-Va), so not surprised they are taking heat.

Tea Party trumpland bigtime.


Dear Sweet Baby Cthulhu!!

What kind of nation do we have that we have to be reminded that Nazis are fucking terrible people!

That being said, good job Cox.


Every single business/organization out there (hear that Google, local governments, et al) should read Cox’s response and resoundingly sign on to it. It says it all.


ZOMG I want to like this eleventy million times!
But I can’t, so I’m going to repeat it instead!

You get the idea…


Well done Cox, well done.


When places like this take heat you just look where it’s coming from and call them out for being bigots. Good for Cox.


What have we learned today, class? That’s right! White Supremacists aren’t fans of the Cox.


These peeps seem like they get something important.


They adopted Foamhenge when it needed a new home, too!


It’s hard to get most people to flat-out admit that they support Nazis, so the narrative has somehow mutated into “people who oppose fascism are the REAL fascists!”


I think it’s time for another deep PSA from Aamer Rahman, this time about American Nazis:

And remember that “anti-antifa” is a double-negative, kids! You can just cancel the ‘anti-s’ and call such people fascists. ;D


I have seen that sign!


I’m resisting right now.