Bernie Sanders boosted by Fox News town hall broadcast – live


Quite a spectacular failure on Fox News’ part. Serious props to the moron on the State News Network that gave Bernie 1 hour of free airtime and legitimacy.


The headline says one thing, then the list is all about everyone else…

And also, I’d imagine actual combat veterans might get a little annoyed with the constant exaggerations about buttigieg’s war experience.
It gets worse every time I see it.


Some excellent comebacks by Bernie here.
“It is NOT antisemitic to be critical of a right-wing government in Israel.”

“The decision over abortion belongs to a woman and her physician, not the federal government, not the state government.”

“I believe that healthcare is a yooman right.”


That’s the thing though, to any civilian like myself anyone who goes into a combat zone or gets a “red badge of courage” is admirable for their service and its hard to differentiate as a civilian which is which. If a civilian criticizes someone with military experience they’re called unpatriotic or a traitor. Not to dilute the thread here to be about something completely different, however that’s my two cents. My grandfather was part of what would’ve been the ground invasion force for Japan. My great-grandfather served in the Battle of the Bulge and was a POW. I have family that were in the military but, I myself cannot claim the same thing i.e. being in the military.


It’s not surprising that Fox will give him airtime, and they probably will right up to the primaries.

Do you know if there’s any Fox News town halls in the works for any of the other candidates?


I don’t, other than the Republican candidates, I haven’t heard of any of the Democratic Primary challengers asking to get time on Fox News. During the last go around, people like Martin O’Mally and Hillary Clinton asked for and got airtime on Fox News to host a town hall (to my memory, I could be wrong). It’s been a hell of a ride since 2016.

Doing a query, you find the DNC rejecting debates, town halls were O.K. by the DNC if the candidate(s) asked for airtime and got it.

HRC 2016 Town Hall

Bernie Sanders 2016 Town Hall

(Haven’t found Martin O’Malley and the other Democratic Vietnam Veterans town hall on youtube yet).

Yeah I totally understand and for the most part agree, however with the caveat that any civilian is within their rights to demand transparency around the experience of people who served and run for office. I think of Kerry getting swiftboated running against a draft dodger (I am in solidarity with all prole draft dodgers.)

However, the considerations you made are also wrapped up in why I posted the podcast. WAHOAWTD are veterans, and where the issue was brought to my conscience. I made a pledge a while back to limit my political expression on BBS to the voices affected most by these issues. Obviously the things I point out will be colored by my perspective, but I can’t really do much about that now can I?


On the other hand though, I would seriously urge any Democratic Candidates to try to get airtime on Fox News to try to reduce the influence of their propaganda and mischaracterizations of Democratic Policy, especially considering how well it went for Bernie Sanders. I mean… a free shot at piercing the Fox News bubble. If I had any opportunity to get a word in edge wise for any Democratic Primary challenger, take the shot!


Hmm, that’s the same event, for the Clinton and Sanders spots, they shared the hour. And today’s was almost a full year earlier than that one, compared to the time of the primaries, and just for Bernie.

I guess no one else wanted a super-early free commercial like this from Fox, or they weren’t offered.

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Not a done deal, but…


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