Bernie Sanders cut his head on shower door, got 7 stitches, shows up to a health care town hall 2 hours later


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Ow ow ow.


It takes more than that to kill a bull moose.


He’s a tough old dude; good on him.


Takes a lickin’ keeps on tickin’


Invoking the Bull Moose might not be the best way of inspiring confidence of an electoral victory though.


Fall down 7, get up 8!


I’m just going to get in here quick, before someone else has the chance to say that seven stitches is exactly the right number of stitches to get, and what that means for the worth of any candidate who got a less-good number of stitches.

(I hope he heals quick and comfortably, ouch!)


Lock down a main party nomination, and we’ll not need to worry about that scenario.


Exactly. 1912 was a crazy election by US standards. Besides Teddy and his Progressive (“bull moose”) party, there was a serious Socialist candidate (Eugene Debs) to contend with the usual Democrats and Republicans.


I had a hard time following the tweet storm, what happened?


I’m just here to say how amused I am that this article text is basically the same information like four times, followed by some tweets.


And you think that he yells behind a podium…


He is a trooper.
I can´t see the orange bastard shrugging something like this off like that.


Seven stitches isn’t really in the unstoppable space. pump the brakes there please.

The actual interesting thing I would like him to point out with this situation is how he was easily able to go to a place, get treatment, and move on with his day with little to no disruption. No endless forms, being told his insurance doesn’t cover that, needing to get calls and referrals done to get permission to be treated, etc etc.

The simplicity and ease he experienced is how it should be for everyone. (maybe that was in there and I missed it).


But Bernie ain’t no spring chicken; most folks his age would have been done for the day after such an accident.

That said, your point about his easy access to quick & effective treatment is spot on.


I’d be impressed if he suddenly invented a time machine after this bump to the noggin.Doc_1955


Doc Brown is like 40 years old in 1955, Bernie Sanders is 77.


Then I’d be almost doubly impressed. Simple mathematics


That would make Doc Brown 70 in 1985. The character seemed way younger than that.