Bernie Sanders cut his head on shower door, got 7 stitches, shows up to a health care town hall 2 hours later


Whatever, it’s not like he had bone spurs.


I was thinking about that part of it actually…even at his age, 7 stitches from a cut shouldn’t be a show stopper.

My mom is 74 now and she’d handle it the same way Berns did. She stays active and such.

JHC if Nostradumbass cut himself he’d declare the country closed and be swept off to a country club for 3 months of recovery time!


He’s nice, isn’t he. You just want to pat him on the OHNOSORRYSORRY


“Do you like that speech? You should have heard it when I practiced it in the showah!”


Your mom is a trooper too, then.

I’m only in my mid-40s, and I feel all the wear & tear on my body much more intensely than I used to, as well as not healing as quickly.


i’m still trying to wrap my head around how this accident happened. did he slip into the door? open it and hit himself in the head? (because i’ve done that) – anyway, since falls in the bathroom are the leading cause of home accidents, i’m glad it’s nothing worse. STAY STRONG, BERNIE.


Unfamiliar hotel shower, this is really easy to do any number of ways in your late teens or 20s, let alone at 77.


Canonically (at least according to the official Telltale video game adaptation) he was born in 1914, making him about 40 in 1955. Lloyd was born in 1938, making him 37 when he played Doc Brown in the first movie (most of which was set in 1955).

When they made Back to the Future II they purposely threw in that bit at the beginning where Doc peels off a prosthetic mask and says something like “I was afraid you wouldn’t recognize me since I got all these youth rejuvenation treatments!” because the filmmakers didn’t want to make Lloyd have to wear the age makeup for the next two movies. They also wanted him to be younger when he got his love interest in Back to the Future III (because who wants to watch old people fall in love, right?)


I remember that scene… and Marty’s deadpan reaction.

Maybe it’s just that Lloyd was such a spry actor.


Yeah, I mean he’d just got back from spending a week in 1955 so logically it wouldn’t make sense that he’d have any trouble “recognizing” a somewhat de-aged Doc…


Obligs just because it’s always great when those two get together again:


Jesus Christ, what does his shower door look like? It it something out of the Dethklok’s Mordhaus?


Linked sources seem to only mention a walk-in clinic. Was the addition of a hospital in BoingBoing’s writeup accidental?


The pompous orange would probably have declared a national emergency.
Didn’t have to, but…


Yeah, well Trump has been running the Country with bone spurs. How’s that for being tough? (there is not a sarcastic mark strong enough to denote the level of sarcasm in my typing)


The Bernie bump?


Um… okay.

Not that I’m at all opposed to snark and sarcasm, but why direct your cynicism-laden comment at me?

I didn’t vote for the orange fucker, and I’m not one of the many people enabling him.


Reminds me of another political badass mofo

Theodore Roosevelt was shot in the chest in the middle of a speech and continued speaking and went on with his campaigning activities.


One would think his bone spurs would have kept him from going to Vietnam recently.


I bet TR would have won that election if he got the republican nomination. But he didn’t, and he started his own party… and partially proved them right by getting more votes than the republican, but of course he split the vote and handed it to the democrat Wilson. That’s why I think it’s smart that Bernie persists in running as a democrat. If he pulled a TR and ran on a 3rd party ticket he may well have gotten more votes than Clinton, but the vote would have been split and Trump still would have won… now if we eventually get ranked choice voting one day, it’s a different game…