Bernie Sanders cut his head on shower door, got 7 stitches, shows up to a health care town hall 2 hours later


If you’re ever near union square in manhattan walk into his birthplace and check out the little free museum on the first floor. The bullet pierced shirt, speech and glasses case are on display there!


I must check that out. I am always in that area for one reason or another.

As a former Long Islander, elementary school field trips to Sagamore Hill, Roosevelt’s estate were constant.


Head wounds are weird. I had an iron fall on my head. I woke up on the floor (maybe less than a minute later) and saw blood everywhere. I walked to the bathroom and got a towel and held it on my head. Then I phoned someone to take me to the walk-in clinic where they didn’t think it was serious because I was calm and lucid. Even the doctor when he first looked at it didn’t think it was that bad. Then he looked closer and realised I needed several stitches. I still have the dent in my skull. He was more freaked out than I was. I went home and mopped up the blood. No one else was going to do it.

Granted, Bernie’s age is a factor, but I watch my dad shrug off the same kinds of things all the time. Not necessarily in a healthy way, mind you. But it’s a thing in that cohort. “Mustn’t grumble.” Honestly, though? If I had to get stitches, I would rather them in my head than anywhere else on my body. I speak from experience.


They should have given him a larger bandage.


Senators are on Obamacare. It was one of the deals they had to do to pass it in the first place.

If Sanders doesn’t personally have to do a bunch of paperwork, it may have more to do with him “having people to deal with that” than with the elites being exempt from the burdens of modern bureaucracy.


The Senator’s schedule was not impacted by the accident

No, but his head sure was!

*** ba-dum tshhhh ***


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Hey, look, bone spurs are a serious medical condition I’ll have you know!


I passed out in a bathroom, caught the edge of the sink with my forehead, the door handle with my shoulder and the hot radiator with the back of my head; blood all over the tiles. Still, when I woke up I felt amazingly relaxed.


I’m hoping this isn’t foreshadowing of another Ford.


Bone spurs are even more serious when you don’t have to bribe a doctor to say that you have them.


I can relate. Soap and water on a tub floor is dangerous. At your home, you fix this with stickers or a mat, things to hold onto going in and out, and a floor rug for good measure. Hotels? Pfft!


It’s like one of the verses of Hotel California that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Stepped into the shower / got a cut on my head / yelled out for some help / they left me for dead / got myself to a clinic / they got me on my way / made my way to the rally / I made the crowd’s day *guitar solo*

(Yeah, yeah, Glenn Frey must be rolling in his grave right now. Not my best work.)


You can dismiss any time you like, but you know I’ll never leave?

Or, Shower stabbed me like a steely knife but they just cant kill Bernie?


Bernie Bump better than the Dean Scream.


In retrospect that sure was a dumb reason to have a presidential run basically implode.


It was a simpler time, then…


hit the vape too hard and fell over


Was he alone in the shower?


Ok, this needs the tag “mench” added. Cause this man gets shit done, no matter what, in a good way