Bernie Sanders cut his head on shower door, got 7 stitches, shows up to a health care town hall 2 hours later


well, it’s not like he had a bone spur or anything…

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And STILL he looks like he needs a shower…



Showergate !..A Republican plot?



Are you kidding? He couldn’t be bothered to stand outside to honor the troops with other leaders since there was a chance of rain.

He’d have already put tariffs on shower doors.



Oh my, he looks even older with his head in a bandage.

I like the guy. I like his ideas. I’d want him to be president. But I’m afraid he’s just too old. One of my favourite uncles looks a lot like him and has the same age and I can’t imagine him (the uncle) to do 4 (let alone 8) years of being president. So on the one hand I’m maybe biased because my brain sort of merges Bernie Sanders with the mental image of my uncle and makes assumptions based on that. Maybe Bernie is much more healthy than my uncle (though he is quite healthy for his age as well). On the other hand the comparison makes it easier for me to see how old the guy really is than with some abstract media figure I don’t really know.

I’m afraid if he becomes the democratic candidate the world will get saddled with the republican option for 4 more years because a too large part of the electorate will think him to be too old.

I know Trump is old as hell too. But somehow he looks less old. And of course he already is the president, so he only needs to do 4 more years, instead of the (silently implied) 8. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump takes his ball and goes home at the end if this term, muttering something about ‘unfair media’ and being ‘too great’, because his position will have become too weak with all the scandals surrounding him.

(Still, kudos to him for not skipping anything after hurting his head. As said, I do like the guy and admire his tenacity).



Daily Botox injections?

ETA: Well that or…

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I misread that as “deadly”, not “daily”.

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Ohhhh if only if only :grin:


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