Bernie Sanders "welcomes CEOs' contempt"


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A few of Jeff Immelt’s homes. Clearly he has experience living “in the real world.”

Edit to note: this one may be a duplicate of the first. (I am not a Jeff Immelt expert)



Time to toss these guys off the flight.

…we’re at the “then, they ridicule you” stage of this, apparently. Get ready for a fight!


So Bernie is…???


FDR: I Welcome Their Hatred - YouTube
Video for fdr I welcome their hate
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Dec 11, 2010 - Uploaded by heckofjob
From an FDR 1936 campaign speech in Madison Square Garden: … We know now that Government by …


Annual income of $26.6 million. Clearly, a man well-grounded in the real world.


The CEOs retaliated with public denunciations of their own, claiming Sanders was “looking for convenient villains”

Sounds like there isn’t a problem with them being recognized as villains … they just object to be being convenient villains.


Also, they seem to get uppity when they have paid the taxes Sanders says they haven’t.

Washington Post is running out of Pinocchios.


I am starting to believe the difference between rich people and thieves is at this point, moot.

Bust them all. Take their shit. Give it away.

Do it now.

Don’t wait. We don’t have to wait.


Citation please. Payroll taxes don’t count.


It’s a twist!

Palapatine was a humble senator from Naboo at one point too! Anyone can become a monster!


this is definitely a case of knowing when to shut your mouth and say nothing at all. If these spoiled and entitled CEOs had not said a word I would have said Bernie was just being a bit of an agitator and railing against the system.

But given that they fired back like this it makes me now turn and say…well, if his comments got you that defensive, hmmmm…maybe he is on to something.

I guess the reality is these types are in the position they are because they are the type of person who doesn’t take well to criticism and questioning.


“You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.” ~ Oscar Wilde


I was thinking that sounded a lot like FDR. Now the question is, did either company donate to the Sanders campaign?


Help us, Bernie Sanders! You’re our only hope!


Feel the Bern, Luke…feel the Bern…


CEO’s not feeling the Bern. What a surprise! :eyeglasses:


The claim was:

Bernie Sanders denounced the CEO of GE for the company’s tax-dodging practices and the CEO of Verizon for doing the same and exploiting its workers, 40,000 of whom are out on strike.

So it’s the companies Sanders accuses of not paying taxes, not the men themselves (although it wouldn’t be surprising…)

Googling “ge tax dodging” gave me this as a second result:

And many other articles detailing how they were essentially the largest corporate tax evader in the US until 2015.


Fuck. Yeah.