Best design for a milk bottle

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Bigfoot@pesco got these months ago…

ETA they are still awesome and worth seeing again.


I guess I’m just old school…

Milk bottles used to be made to be able to withstand a nuclear blast. And they delivered it to your house before Amazon prime.

My grandfather worked at this place, taking care of the horses.


I want a bottle of this milk!

The square paper milk carton is close to the most efficient way to sell milk. Wastes almost no space. Recyclable. Biodegradable. Easy to use. Plenty of space for messaging. Why mess with that. Milk is milk. The cheaper you can get it to the people the better off we all are.


Of course they replaced the horses with DIVCO trucks that you could drive while standing on the running boards…


That’s why he ended up working at Ma Bell!

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Just a guess:

X number of people graduate with marketing and advertising and design degrees every year and go looking for jobs.

Less than X number of things actually needing any of that come out every year.

Summary: Someone needed a job.

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The bottles need to be opaque, obviously, to prevent vitamin d loss.

And the shape makes for a difficult to hold bottle when condensation becomes an issue.

But it looks cool as hell.

Very cute, very clever - but the bottle would be hard to hold and easy to drop. The overlap between clever industrial design and bad industrial design is a big one.


Except for the part where you try to open the carton and the damned cardboard rips wrong, so you have to pry it open, so now the opening doesn’t fold shut properly and your half gallon of milk spoils a few days faster than it should. Efficient, sure…

I actually was expecting this response.

But the packaging industry has already invented the screw on cap that is found on the sloped top of the milk carton.

Problem solved.


except they created a different problem by simultaneously fucking the carton in terms of recyclability.

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No love for the humble milk-bag?


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