Best substitute teacher ever fired for smoking pot in class at Massachusetts high school

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(Relevant, and I’d missed it in the article: recreational weed is legal in Mass. Smoking in a school, probably much less so.)


The tables have turned.


When I was in high school that would have been awesome. As a parent to kids almost in high school, not so much.


after students reported the incident to adults

Fucking Narcs.


Did they hire Cheech & Chong to be substitute teachers? I’d watch that movie…


What no beer? Totally bogus man!


Unsafe? How?


The article that followed this one in the source was

Southern New England lit up for holiday season


I am a bourbon drinker. You think its fine for me to go into your kid’s classroom and start sharing bourbon with your kid and discussing the history and merits of whiskey?

This is not an ok thing for him to have done…at all.


They didn’t offer pot to the kiddos. Your drinking a bourbon in class should and will get you fired, but it isn’t unsafe for the kids.


I didn’t say it was OK. But how specifically is it unsafe?


to both you and @someguy doing something that is inherently an adult activity in a public school in front of kids…regardless of said action being physically or mentally harmful or not is NOT OK.

Again…replacing partaking of marijuana (a controlled substance) with any other adult activity…drinking, sex, watching R or X rated films, gambling, etc etc.

I am not going to have a conversation with anyone who does not see the inherent issue with what this jackass did and why he should be fired and not allowed back again. Unsafe is not merely your narrow definition of “dangerous”. Unsafe is also risky, precarious, and not careful.

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Ah, maybe you didn’t read the article?

“It was their quick decisions to report the concerns which allowed our school to immediately intervene and remove the individual who created the unsafe environment,” read part of a statement sent to NBC 10 News.

(emphasis added)

ETA: Sorry, @quori, I misread your comment. I see now you were defining unsafe as “risky, precarious, and not careful.”

In that case, I agree. The teacher created an unsafe environment for themself.

Another edit: Of course this was stupid and should get the person fired. Calling it creating an unsafe environment is inaccurate, unless you count being in a room with someone with that poor judgement. But tin that case, the environment was just as unsafe before the pot was lit, and it was the admin that created it.


For kids it has been shown that marijuana is unsafe for them to consume as it can hinder the development of their brain, not to mention smoking (even if it is tobacco free) is still a health hazard plus this was indoors.

The thought of someone doing this is amusing but if i had a kid i would be upset.


I take the bullshit attitude of marijuana advocates who claim “it’s harmless” very personally.

It triggers migraines for me…the absolute worst ones I get. So I know full well…it isn’t fucking harmless! And this assclown has no idea what side effects it can have on others.

Now, if he is around other adults, they can make their own decisions about staying near him, partaking, leaving, etc. But in a classroom of kids…FUCK THAT. He deserves to be fired and perma-banned.


What a waste of everyone’s time…


My guess is they were actually angling to get their hands on the rest of the stash Teach left in the desk after he was escorted out.

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Ah Jenny… always sucking up to authority and making everyone’s life joyless and miserable…


But jokes aside… I personally would not be happy if someone brought pot into my daughter’s class. So got to agree with @quori. But considering at least some kids probably already smoke pot, I think the conversation part is a good idea, including all the various factors of drug use.


Saying it created an unsafe environment is maybe going a bit too far, although I guess it counts as an open flame. But I’m 99% certain that the employment contract he signed said he couldn’t bring nonprescribed drugs on school grounds so it isn’t like there was no cause to fire him.

The only interesting part of the story is to gauge a person’s level of freakout when they learn of it. Is he a dumbass or a monster?

Was he trying to prove a point by smoking a joint and then not immediately trying to eat one of the student’s faces off? That “dangerous environment” comment might be right in line with the school’s messaging on recreational drugs. If this is the case he’s still a dumbass, but at least one with a somewhat sensible goal.

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