Beto O'Rourke was in the Cult of the Dead Cow and his t-files are still online


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Huh. I always thought of him more as the sort who would pose with living cows. They’re so much more earthy, so picturesque.



Animorphs have gotten too realistic.


Having him be a member of the cDc makes me take a second look. Previously I’d written him off as impossibly bland, but this history suggests a rebel streak, at least in his youth.


The f is this?

If your only argument against someone is to mention their gender and income, you don’t have an argument. Oh yeah and he lost to Ted Cruz…in Texas. The story is that he came very close to winning. This is a cheap shot all the way around.


Also according to Beto (under his pseudonym), he came up with the name of the cDc


He also played bass in a band.


Oh dang. This is a huge nostalgia hit. Makes him way cooler in my mind.


it’s being played as if it were dirt, but i don’t think the media at large understands that to at least many of his generational peers, this makes him MORE cool. i mean, combined with the punk band and the skateboarding, it’s a trifecta of coolness that we need more of in politicians.


“America’s oldest hacking group.”

Cult of the Dead Cow was circa 1984, Phone Phreaking (which i’m so decrepit as to recall building a blue box for) was/is described as “hacking” (primarily phone exchanges) and dating all the way back to the late 1960s. Beware ye the superlative! there is always a bigger, or in this case older fish.


This was a thing in the UK in the 1970s, at least among Australian tourists. Telephone exchange software at the time was very simple, and easy to trick. One hack I heard of was to trigger a work-around in the exchange by repeatedly dialing a number back home and hanging up. After ten or fifteen failed attempts to get the call through, you got a free call.


As we look at candidate histories, while one can look at connections between the individual then and now, there’s some significant space between Beto’s activities in this earlier time and trump’s “grab 'em by the pussy.”



Beto is truly one of us!


Holy shit, this is an amazing discovery.


A hardcore punk band that also had Cedric Bixler-Zavala as a member!



I wonder if he’s as rich as John Edwards was.


This is the first thing I’ve heard about him that makes me think well of him at all.


Cool story… I really wish he’d focus on running for Texas Senate in 2020, rather than being one of the 20 Dem candidates for President. As one of the Presidential candidates, I personally don’t rank him in the first tier, but he would have a real shot at the Senate in 2020.