Cult of the Dead Cow: the untold story of the hacktivist group that presaged everything great and terrible about the internet

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Wow, I missed that post/news, that is singularly AWESOME.


Thanks for the post- I’ll have to go read this. I grew up in Lubbock not far from G. Ratte, He let me tag along to punk shows and urban exploring expeditions. He and other folks from the BBS and punk scene of the late 80s/early 90s had a profound and positive influence on my life. It will be interesting to read about from Menn’s perspective.


Pardon me, Miss. I’ve lived in Lubbock just short of 60 years. Nothing good or interesting has ever come from Earth’s anus.


Said everyone from insert name of your small town, texas.


Lubbock’s claim to fame is “At least we’re not Brownsville”.


Then compromise.

“We may be earth’s anus, but at least we’re not Brownsville.”-- Lubbock, Texas

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I got Wacko

You have heard of Buddy Holly, right?


meh, i’m not sure i like that a political candidate is winking at being some kind of secret mr robot because they used to write about doing drugs on the internet.

the halls of dc are littered with former counterculture types turned neoliberals. ooh, you got a dui and did some dmt, that has zero to do with whether you’ll make substantive changes to the system that perpetuates inequality, a system which will remain unfair no matter how many legal dank nugs you smoke

i still very negatively remember paying 150 bucks to see obama, only for him to promptly whinge about how we need to find a “middle ground” on encryption.

(i couldn’t tell him that though, because those were the nosebleeds and only people who paid a cool 20k+ got to actually talk to him)

someone needs to make beto (and the rest of the candidates) say the magic words:

privacy is a human right

hackers of the world, unite!


oh yes, the wonderful 90s when using gay as an insult was normal and “cool” :roll_eyes:

i think texas is wonderful, but i’ve only been to austin

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If you ever find yourself in Lubbock, look me up and I’ll show you around.

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You’ve heard of sarcasm, right?

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