Better Call Saul explores survival instinct in "Nacho"


I kind of hope they keep this series a little more light hearted than BB. I love BB, but looking back on the series I realized how fucking brutal and emotionally taxing it was. I don’t say that lightly either, I’m generally a person who rarely feels much while I’m watching any show, I rarely laugh or cry, just absorbing it like a sponge. Anyway, I like the tone of BCS and I hope they can keep the tone closer to dark comedy rather than full on train wreck.

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I’m sure i read a quote somewhere by vince gilligan stating that exact intention and i hope it stays because i feel it strikes that sweet spot after 3 hours - not breaking bad dark but plenty of opportunities for the feels down the line. Some gen-u-ine funny moments though like jimmy’s troll impersonation in front of mike - these people know how to frame a shot.


While “Edible Arrangements” may not have been open there until 2006, edible arrangements have been around since the 1980s. You’re assuming he was using a business name, and not a generic term.

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I just want to hear more about the sex robot.

Writing for Saul has to be no easy trick. You have to come up with what would keep a genius down and maintain that. Though I am sure we will see parts where Saul thinks he’s finally made it. Also is Saul a bastard child of the Magill’s? Is it possible that he and Katie are step-brother and sister?

At least we know he’ll survive and prosper. Though under a different name and with no McGills in sight…


Agreed with most of the review, except in the notes at the end that there wasn’t yet a strong enough female character.

“Kim better turn into something great fast, or that’s going to the be the giant demerit holding this show back even as it’s the showcase Bob Odenkirk has waited a lifetime for as a dramatic actor…”

Why would that necessarily be a “demerit” that would be “holding this show back”?

A show should have the characters it needs. Not all stories involve women, just as not all stories involve men. If this show does end up doing more with Kim’s character, then great, and I have a feeling that it will. But if it doesn’t, it can be just as good anyway.

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