Betting site aggregator suggests likely win for Hillary in 2016

Clinton or Sanders.
A woman or a socialist.

Whoever gets the job, they will be branded as literally the son or daughter of Satan. The hate will ratchet up beyond Muslim Obama hate. It will need the thickest of skins to be able to function. And maybe some armor plating on their limo.

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Agreed. It’s completely unthinkable on this forum that a Republican could win.

But, step outside for a moment. I know the sun hurts, but ask around people of different backgrounds, and you’ll find that it’s not so clear cut.

People I considered to be reasonable but conservative are talking about how they like Trump’s “No-nonsense” approach, and how “maybe we need an asshole”.

Guys who I know who are involved in stock trading are placing their bets on the Republicans not because they think they aren’t assholes, but because the free market schtick makes their job easier. They definitely are leaning on the winner being a Republican, but concede that if the market maintains its current level or improves, the Dem’s are a done deal.

Everybody’s got an angle. Also, it’s still early, and anybody’s game.

The cursed day star!


The frustrating thing about shit like this is that it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle of predictability. People see these polls, believe them, and give up on their non-frontrunner candidate, thereby fueling the belief that the polled winner will actually be the winner, and so on. Which means that America ends up choosing the exact politician they have been told by the media they should be choosing. Talk about manufacturing consent.

If Hillary clinches the nomination, forget it- we’re fucked. If she becomes president, we’re fucked, and if she loses because the majority of the country does NOT want a Hillary presidency, which I believe is the case, we’re fucked. I, personally, am not going to vote for HRC regardless of who is on the Republican side, and I hope there’s enough folks out there with integrity who will also refuse to play the DNC game. Enough is enough, and honestly, I’d rather see a madman like Trump in charge than Hillary. Trump will inspire some genuine revolutionary activism, while Hillary will inspire more of the same, but worse- a slow, a painful death to be sure.

Sanders isn’t even an actual socialist. I have yet to see him endorse the replacement of ownership of capital and the workplace by the owners with ownership by the workers, and the abolition of social classes.

Not that he’s not the least bad option at the moment, but as usual the people using ‘socialist!’ as an insult aren’t even using it on targets who actually are socialists.

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