Gamblers won $276,424 for betting that Trump would lie during Oval Office address


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Who would put odds on a guaranteed outcome?


I was thinking who the fuck would bet against trump lying.

Like, in general, the truth is somehow slipperier than a greased pig to him.


Is there a site where I can place bets that Trump will make a bunch of childish insults on Twitter? I’m trying to get together enough money to put a down payment on a home.


Wait…can we make the wall out of candy?


I am amazed that it was not 100% winners. Who the hell would bet against in a bet like that?


That was the one where he implied that all murders were committed solely by undocumented immigrants and that every undoc was part of a conspiracy to murder and replace American residents, yeh? What universe is that occuring in?


Lots of idiots out there.


Now THAT is trickle down economics in action!




I’m a bit surprised they took bets on that. Couldn’t he have “thrown the game” by telling the truth?
I’m just kidding, that’s not something he could do.


Am I the only one who noticed that El Cheato did not end his speech with the de rigueur: “And God bless America” ?

Makes no never mind to me but I thought perhaps some of the more fervently shrill religious elements in the country might have picked up on that. Hmmm.


Naah. But if Obama had omitted that statement it would have been proof-positive that he was installing a caliphate in the US.


The really bold gamble is betting that Trump would tell the truth in a way that doesn’t distort reality.


Lost leader?


Who in the name of Beebo would take that kind of action? Its like betting the sun will rise tomorrow.


The same people who place bets for the Washington Generals.


That’s a safe bet.

Beebo loves you.


The generals won once.


Gingerbread works too.