Peruvian shamans disagree on who will win U.S. presidential race

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To be fair, I think that these Shamans are probably about as accurate as the polls.


And at least the mumbo-jumbo passing for analysis is more accessible and entertaining.


I’m happy to send Don to Mr. Torres.


The only real way to tell is by reading the entrails of the incumbent.


I don’t see how they can get a good read without rubbing a live guinea pig or at least an egg over each of the candidates and then looking inside. Maybe if you throw a lot of coca leaves and examine how they fall, but I think that would only work on Trump.

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So now, no matter what happens in the election, both Shamans can show one of these news videos as “proof” they know what they are doing.

a friend had his birthday party at a racetrack and rented a small suite.
we had our own betting machine operated by an employee.

At one point I went over to her and placed minimum bets for pretty much every possible outcome that cost me around $150 or so. The employee was shaking her head as she was printing the tickets while saying “that’s not how this works”.

But sure enough when that race ended, I had a winning ticket!


It’s confusing because in 2020, nobody wins.


As the old gag goes:

“So, you can see the future?”

“Yes, I . . . .” (gets smacked in the face.)

“How come you didn’t see that coming?”

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You reckon we would be OK by just reading Don Jr’s entrails instead? Would hate to harm a perfectly innocent guinea pig.


Well, I’ve never seen a shaman use a rat before…

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I think it’s important that we let the Peruvian shamans decide.

Seems better than the corporations and ultra-rich that decide our elections right now.

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What’s the likelihood of Trump having participated in an ayahuasca ceremony with one of these shamans and making a fool of himself?

Rat stuffed full of coke. Close enough.

Deep Thought: So long as you keep slagging each other off in the popular press, and as long as you have good agents, you can keep yourselves on the gravy train for life. How does that sound?

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