Drug Test Sassy Trump


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Strong words from a man who looked liked the Xanax Fairy visited him right before the debate.


The sooner this election cycle is over the better. Trump is just a walking embarrassment at this stage. The Republicans need to write a concession speech for Trump and start searching for a decent for 2020 candidate now, one who can actually contest an election on policies.



It’s about time he called out his loony opponent for her obvious drug use. I’d like to see him bring up her orange skin, hideous combover and unhinged behavior on Twitter, too.


It really is amazing how pretty much everything he says about others is obvious projection. People joke that Trump is on coke, so he demands a drug test for his opponent. It really couldn’t be a more obvious case of projection, could it? Actually, I suppose it could - he could indeed attack Hillary for her comb-over and orange skin. That would literally be the only way he could make it more obvious. I half expect him to do so.


I thought this was a call to drug test sassy Trump


Watching footage from the last debate I found his constant sniffing sounding less like that of a coke head, and more like someone who is in very poor physical condition and is out of breath after the exertion of talking on stage for a few minutes.

Can’t get my head around which is worse, I suppose it hardly matters at this point.


If anyone thinks this guy is ever going to concede…
… I don’t know what they could be smoking.

It could be a very unpleasant November.


Clinton will win this handily, and Jesusland will continue to shrink. It won’t be close.


I salute your optimism.


Maybe they’ll take Indiana back. Who cares, it’s Indiana :wink:



(But, actually, I’d be quite happy to see the GOP and everything it represents die in a radioactive fire.)


He actually said “We should take a drug test prior to the debate because I don’t know
what’s going on with her. But at the beginning of her last debate, she
was all pumped up at the beginning. And at the end … she could barely
reach her car”… “I’m willing to do it,” he added.

From NBC news. Sounds like he is willing to take the test as well.


We had a jolly time (yes, mocking Lucky Palmer) at the last two debates snorting every time he sniffed. That is drugs folks. Drugs. Cocaine or Amphetamines, mb both. Why the hell else do you think this guy is up at 3 AM? Un-fking-hinged.

It is called projection. Now get out and VOTE if you don’t want this lunatic in the White House! cuz u know the entire gawldang confederacy is gonna vote for this racist asshole. VOTE the Rs into a (t)rump party! Take back the Senate AND the House! VOTE!

Then we can start to move the country back from the brink of insanity.


He is probably going to demand a hair test and expect them to take it from his toupee.


Sassy Trump is the only trump I can handle.


If they DNA tested a strand of Trump’s hair weave, all they’d learn is whether, at the time, the donor horse was pregnant or not.



Jesusland could find itself plummeting over a precipice if it bumps too hard against the federal gov., which is the direction that I see Drumpf taking it when he loses.
He’ll never admit that his loss is legitimate and won’t give half a damn what happens to his supporters afterward. Or anyone else, just as he doesn’t now.