Bibi plays host to Elon Musk’s “I am not an antisemite” rehabilitation tour

Originally published at: Musk tries visiting Israel to win back advertisers


It tells you all you need to know about Netanyahu that he would volunteer to help whitewash the reputation of a billionaire who publicly and unapologetically endorsed the anti-Semitic Great Replacement conspiracy theory.

Bibi only cares about the welfare of certain Jews: ultra-religious, ultra-nationalist, ultra-wealthy. His attitude toward the rest is and always has been closer to that of Musk.


He’s never had any qualms of aligning with antisemites if it helps his cause. He adores the antisemitic right wing Christian nationalists in the US, even though he knows about their views on why Israel should be supported. He’s not a religious radical himself, but he’s more than willing to use religious radicals to get his way.


Support of the Israeli government != support for the Israeli people or the members of the Jewish diaspora. For more thoughts on this see the excellent WITH podcast on the topic


He is so toxic that Hamas didn’t take this opportunity to grab Elno and hold him for ransom. Who would pay to get him back?


People like Mark Levin have called Musk a hero in the past. I don’t know how a Jewish guy like him can put up with all the Nazis on Twitter just so that more people can “own the libs”.

He is a huge Netanyahu fan, of course, as well. It really boggles the mind how the right wing Jews don’t seem to mind or realize they are swimming with antisemitic sharks. :confused:

I suppose in Netanyahu’s case he’s banking on the American right’s hatred of Muslims to work in his favor. This whole thing is a horrifying shit show. :confused:



The family is so right-wing they’ve embraced antisemitism…

Yeah, it’s such a category error - some of the most antisemitic groups in the US are fervent Zionists, because a) they want all the Jews to leave the US, and b) the existence of Israel is part of a fulfilling of their religious prophecy (and involves all the Jews getting killed).


The American right increasingly admire Muslims though. They look at the treatment of women in many middle eastern countries and envy it. They also express their admiration for the use of violence against those convicted of crimes (amputation of hands etc).

It also helps that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE etc are increasingly using their wealth to promote themselves to the west through strategies such as sports washing which the bros like and which the left criticises. Rightwing bros align themselves with these countries against this criticism. They also enjoy luxury holidays in these countries.

China is the new enemy of the right not Arabs/Muslims.


Cool story, bro

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And only the white ones. Mizrahim and Beta Israel are treated like they should be grateful that they are recognised as Jewish (and therefore have the right to Israeli citizenship) at all.


Does it manage to sharpen our disgust of musk to know that ten days after directly supporting a antisemitic post on Xitter that he posted an utterly vile racist post? (equating a scene of a demon attack from a video game to a scene from a porn) …no, not really, musk has sufficiently proven he isn’t educable in any positive sense - he should be actively shunned.


They like some aspects of their authoritarian regimes. The right sees some of them as “good” or at least with common interests, like the Saudis or Qatar, while Iranians or Palestinians are “bad”.

In this context, almost no one on the right has any problem with Israel targeting civilians in Gaza, and Israel is more than willing to cozy up to them for material support.


He looks equal parts miserable and uncomfortable in that vest that doesn’t even get close to fit him.


In precisely the same way that the admire far right Zionist. They like the ones who believe in engaging in conflict with other groups of people and wish to “cleanse” their land of people who don’t fit into their idea of what a proper Muslim is. The far right certainly don’t want Muslims living in the US/Europe, or having the same rights as white, protestant Christians if they do live here.

Avoid that broad brush, please.

Except for all the Muslims who do not fit into their very narrow and bigoted understanding of what Islam is and what Muslims do.

Pretty much it’s those of us who are not bigoted assholes on one side, and the much smaller, but loud and violent group of bigots on the other. The white nationalist/Christian far right view it in just those terms and are willing to align with other groups that share that “clash of civilizations” worldview.


We are truly living in the Bizarro World. The modern Nazi movement’s greatest enabler goes to Israel to claim he’s not an antisemite, he’s just SO devoted to “free speech” that he simply can’t do anything about it. (except for having anything even remotely left-wing banned from Twitter.


… what is this subculture of people that would even “get” that “joke” :confused:




“The Ransom of Red Chief,” right? Hamas will have to pay Space X to take him back.


holy @#$, that’s some vile racist &$@#!

no wonder tesla is such a horrific place for women and poc to work. i can not imagine what it would be like to have someone like him as your boss :cry: