Biden "dominating" Trump in latest national poll

For a second there I thought you said Al Jourgensen, which would be interesting…


Thanks; I needed a laugh.

Yeah, I curb my enthusiasm untill the Orange Bastard is actually OUT of the White House, thank you very much.


My emphasis. You assume Biden and other of DJT’s opponents won’t be held in protective custody after the emergency martial law declaration.

Learning from the results of the last loss as a learning tool to prevent a loss this year is beneficial. Personally, I always felt that Hillary was unable to avoid looking excessively arrogant from our side of the television and at the time, Trump looked like a scrapping underdog.
This time around, those roles are reversed as there probably isn’t a person on the planet that can avoid showing off excess hubris like Trump, and Biden is coming off as a humble person who wants to help improve America.

If I learned one lesson from 2016 is that misogyny is so potent that people will elect someone so supremely emotionally, experientially, intellectually and ethically unsuited for the Presidency as Donald Trump to avoid a woman as Commander in Chief.


There were and are an astonishing number of reasons to not support Mrs. Clinton and why she lost that have nothing to do with her gender. For but one example, was it her gender that kept her from ever going to Michigan, as opposed to her insider’s resume and her wretched sense of entitlement?

And I say this having given my vote to her.

But she was a horrible candidate.

This is also why Biden will lose: Insider, lifelong pol, a record to be strung on and Koches and Adelsons and Murdochs to scream it 24/7.

Absolutely true, but so is the anti-complacency statement. I wont be comfortable with this election until Il Douche has been out on his ass at least 6 months. Maybe not then, either.


If Trump had been a thrice-married woman who had five kids by three different men, a public record of philandering, a long history of business failures, obvious cognitive deficiencies and zero track record of public service then he never would have come within a thousand miles of the nomination.

Anyone who claims sexism didn’t put Trump in office is deluding themselves.



Eh - there are a bazillion squared number of reasons not to support Donnie. And people see them more clearly everyday. That’s why he’s going to lose. Regardless of Adelsons, the Koch’s who are still alive and the Murdoch’s. Who will drop him like a hot potato if the economy crashes.

The Princes and Mercer’s are in for circling down the drain with Donnie.


Nobody makes Bloomberg do anything- except lose.


Sexism, racism, blind R tribalism, and decades of conservative media blitz against the Clintons, leading to even a lot of liberals and leftists absorbing some of the right-wing hatred via cultural osmosis. (There were so many Americans I saw on the 'net in 2016, who disliked Hillary Clinton and thought her unsuited for the Presidency, who couldn’t actually give any rational reasons for their feelings when pressed.)

Also, just because one imagines a DNC conspiracy, doesn’t mean it did happen.


I think that the other factor to put in is the lockdown.
At the end Sanders conceded to Biden and exited the competition, on normal circumstance chances were that Sanders could win.

Bloomberg was a loose mine do the DNC.Make him in the debate killed his run instead of finding him as an independent.

Sanders could technically still have won by the time he conceded, but in practice, he really couldn’t. The proportional apportion of delegates in the Dem primaries meant he would have needed to basically win all the remaining primaries, and with way bigger margins than any he had won before, to get the majority of delegates.

Interesting take, one I had not thought of but makes some sense.


Biden was not, and is not an “exciting” candidate. But you know what? I am OK with that. We used to have presidents who were not dominating the 24 hour news cycle. I would feel just fine going back to that. I never used to need to think or worry about what the president may be doing on a day to day basis that will have a disastrous impact on the quality of my life. I would be just fine going back to that. The idea of having a president you could trust to just do-the-right-thing, instead of one hell-bent out to destroy our country and turn it into a 3rd-world dictatorship hell-hole is enough to get my vote. It’s a no-brainier.

Biden was not my first choice. The thoughts of having actual progressive changes in the country (as embodied by Bernie and Warren) was indeed an exciting thought. But you know what? I cannot say I actually disagree with any of Biden’s policies. They may be mostly boring policies, and not nearly as progressive as I would personally like, but they are not policies that seem to be intended to actively destroy my life, my country, and everything I hold dear, which is a very stark difference from donald trumps policies. So it’s a no-brainer choice for me who to vote for.

And as far as the Democratic party goes, it’s clearly been headed in the progressive direction. Look how far Bernie, who is not, and never was a Democrat, actually got. Who would have thought a Socialist would come that close to actually getting the nomination? And besides just the presidential run, there are a number of progressives who are in congress now (AOC for example), which was something unlikely to happen in the past. Things like Medicare-For-All/Single Payer get serious policy considerations now where-as they used to be so unlikely that a short time ago they were not even on the table for discussion. And ideas like free collage are being discussed, and even guaranteed income are talked about. By real, they-acutally-have-a-chance candidates. That did not used to happen.

So, sure, with Biden we’re not going get all the luxuries and peace-of-mind that our European friends (and, well, just about any other advanced nation) get from their “socialist” government policies (unless Congress/Senate swing in that direction). But at least Biden won’t be trying to take us in the opposite direction.


If it weren’t for the fact that Dear Leader’s memory is questionable and attitude toward internal consistency overtly dismissive; this would be the perfect occasion for as many people as possible to “helpfully” advise him " You have to dominate. If you don’t dominate , you’re wasting your time."

In the snide tone that you use when quoting someone to themselves because you know they’ll hate it, of course.

[ETA: The referenced post was deleted, along with the new poster’s profile. Keeping the fact check, anyway.]


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