Biden elected president

I wonder if the major news networks aren’t waiting until primetime to make official calls. Getting the news mid-morning is nice, but I need to hear Anderson Cooper say it in the evening to feel the weight of it.

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this is great news but the election has not been called yet
Source my wife is not screaming with joy
Lets wait till all the votes are in and iit is called by at least CNN and NPR

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Thanks one more time Rep. Lewis! You are sorely missed here.


“Rob Beschizza, head of BoingBoing’s decision desk, predicted that the final tally in Pennsylvania would transform Trump’s eyes into gaping mouths…”


It’s nice that Biden won, but it doesn’t make me feel good that even more of the country looked back on the last four years of lies, ineptitude, global embarrassment, and corruption and said “yeah I want 4 more years of that!”


It’s going to take a while to unpack but overall, Biden has outrun the party which suggests that his more moderate views won out.

In 2020, but Trump did an incredible amount of damage to the US in the 4 years he had power.

Barely. Biden will have won by 4%, a drop of 1% might have cost him the election.

Is your objective to get angry or to get rights?

McConnel is going to hold the senate, that means the Supreme Court probably won’t get fixed, a public option won’t get passed, no form of a green new deal, no bills to reform police departments.

I’m sure you wanted more ambitious action than Biden’s platform, but I suspect his platform was better than the nothing he can probably deliver with McConnell.

There’s a bunch of people who voted for Obama, then Trump, and now Biden. I don’t really understand what drives them, but they seem to be skeptical about a lot of things they shouldn’t be skeptical of, and they hold a lot of beliefs that neither of us are comfortable with. And if you want those rights they’re unfortunately the people who you need to convince.

Yeah, I’m seeing friends on FB expressing “faith in this country restored” and I’m like “LOL not even close.”
Almost 30% of the eligible voters in the US so far, in case anyone was wondering.

I’ve been thinking they’ll need those professional cleaners who specialize in crime scenes… :thinking:


After Congress officially counts the electoral votes I believe on January 6.

Until that happens, I predict the Republican party will try to pull a fast one somehow.

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It’s OUR job to make sure they don’t.


Oh, I’m sure they’ll (like I said) try, I didn’t say it’d work…


I live in Toronto but vote in Wisconsin, and it was really gratifying to see Wisconsin flip back. Especially after Scott Walker and after we elected America’s Dumbest Senator, Ron Johnson.


Roger that… as long as we stay vigilant…


You’re not wrong, but it sounds like your family was already invested in the political process and voting.

My own n=1 study covers people like my brother. I cannot remember him ever expressing any kind of political opinion or even voting at all.

Then suddenly he’s all TRUMP-TRUMP-TRUMP because (in his exact words) “Democrats want to give illegal aliens free health care”.

These are the people I’m talking about. Those who were otherwise not engaged politically. And now people know what will motivate them to get out and vote: racism, bigotry, and hatred.


I mean, it sounds likely that enough of the reactionary wing of the supreme court is mindful of what Bush v Gore did to the Supreme Court’s reputation and doesn’t want a repeat…


Exactly! Much like Civil Rights (and women getting the vote) they fought for it tooth and nail, spilled so very much blood, and made themselves heard to become full citizens. Unfortunately, the way we often teach the CR movement, it’s incredibly whitewashed, and made to seem inevitable and peaceful. Despite the use of non-violent resistance, it was anything but peaceful. The protests up in Portland and other places would not seem out of place in how the CR protests actually looked. We just have been taught to believe that non-violent actions were peaceful, when they provoked incredible levels of violence. Nor was it the only tactic being employed.

You get nothing by asking politely in politics. Every single right some of us take for granted saw blood spilled to secure. We most certainly should not deny ourselves or future generations access to decisive actions for continued guarantee of our rights by asking us to shut up and be nice to the oppressors.


Roberts does seem to care about the independence of the courts, so…


What are the betting odds of more than a million tweets sent to Donald Trump reading “You’re Fired.” ?


I think (I read somewhere) that rocket engines spew out water vapour. Which doesn’t seem enough for this task.

Maybe add a load of bleach? That would also ‘cure’ any Covid cases, as per the Trumpsters instructions to the nation.


whoa whoa whoa - typical dem. Don’t concede the senate till it’s done. We have two GA runoffs to win, then we have the full plate.

I can not overstate how this has to be done - balls out, no-holds-barred. We have to take those two seats. And don’t think that McConnell would do any less - he’s already claiming that Biden will have to negotiate his cabinet with McConnell. The brass balls to make such an assertion from a position of weakness.

Its time to kick them in those brass balls and take these GA seats no matter what. We can all sing kumbaya after we control the Senate.